Just Because…

With the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady out for four games over Deflategate, hunky backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo is holding down the fort quite nicely as he led the Pats to a win over heavily favored Arizona Cardinals yesterday.

Happy Hump Day – Nick Sandell


Not only is fitness model Nick Sandell good looking, but look at that body – shoulders, pecs, arms, legs for days.

And not to get too technical, but he’s so evenly developed all over. It’s clear he’s not one of those guys who just looks at how big their arms get.

Check out his walk in the park in his boxer briefs during a recent photo shoot with photographer Michael Hallenbeck below.


(h/t kenneth-in-the-212)

Fitness Model Eric Turner Launches #HunksForHillary

Now here’s a presidential campaign ad I can get behind. Or in front of.

Fitness model Eric Turner proudly shows his support for Hillary Clinton (and a good bit more) via Facebook:

Join me and let’s start a movement! It takes a real man to vote to empower women! Are you for Hillary Clinton too? Take a pic and show your support. Don’t forget to # it #HunksForHillary

U.S. Gymnast Danell Leyva Puts On A Show At Rio Gala Gymnastics

Shirtless Danell Leyva performs at Rio Olympics Gymnastic Gala - woof!

U.S. gymnast Danell Leyva, who won two silver medals at the Rio Olympics, returned to the floor one last time for the Gala Gymnastics.

The event is not a competition but an entertainment, and it’s clear the hunky Leyva, who’s also an ardent equal rights activist, knows exactly what an audience wants from him.

Easily a Randy Report favorite from these olympic games.

Word is Danell plans to head to LA where he’d like to become an actor. I think a guest stint at Chippendales is in order.

h/t to Aaron Baldwin for the tip 🙂