2017 John Lewis Christmas Commercial

Always highly anticipated, this year’s holiday commercial for UK department store John Lewis has landed.

And like past years, there are some fans who love it, some not so much. I have to admit, the spot could be more “Christmassy” for me.

The ad features a little boy who spends his nights playing with a giant snoring monster named “Moz.”

I’ve added my favorite John Lewis spot as well 🙂

Watch below. Thoughts?

Polish Holiday Ad Featuring Senior Learning English Goes Viral

I love sharing holiday “adverts” from Europe. With tons of creativity and heart, they really seem to find a way to move us.

Get ready for the tissues, you going to need them.

Viewed over 2.7 million times already, this Polish spot from online auction site Allegro features a senior gentleman learning English via an “English For Beginners” program.

The senior sets out quite aggressively to learn the new language, placing post-its on everything in his home, including his adorable dog.

It’s not until you get to the end of the spot that the reason for his determination becomes clear.

This is pretty great 🙂

(h/t JoeMyGod)

BBC One’s Holiday Ad Features Sweet Mistletoe Kiss

What is it about the UK and holiday advertisements? The country just seems to get it right so often.

Check out BBC One’s 2016 Christmas spot. A virtual cornucopia of very human holiday moments, including a sweet kiss between two men under the mistletoe.

The Twitterverse approves, too 🙂

Two Teddy Bears Feeling The Holidays In Christmas Commercial For Heathrow Airport

Cute holiday commercial featuring a teddy bear couple making their way through Heathrow Airport on their way to a sweet reunion.

Clip description: Throughout their 70 years, Heathrow have specialised in reconnecting people with their loved ones, especially at this time of year, because coming home for Christmas is the best gift of all. Among the millions of seasonal passengers, there are some extra-special arrivals that have made it home in time for the big day…

UK’s 2016 John Lewis Holiday Ad Arrives

UK department store John Lewis has debuted it’s annual holiday ad bearing the tag line, “Gifts that everyone will love.”

Craig Inglis, customer director at John Lewis, said: “2016 has certainly been quite a year, so we hope our advert will make people smile. It really embraces a sense of fun and magic, reminding everyone what it feels like to give the perfect gift at Christmas.”

The ads have become an unofficial launch of the holiday season for many in the UK.

I’ve shared past years’ ads here and here and here. I really encourage you to watch them all. Creative, thoughtful, warm and often very unexpected.

I think we could all use some holiday cheer about now.