Conservative George Will Leaves GOP Over Trump: “Make Sure He Loses”

CNN reports that even George Will, longtime conservative commentator and columnist has announced he is leaving the Republican party over the nomination of Donald Trump.

Will indicated four years of Trump with no opposition would be dangerous for the country. His advice to Republicans? Deal with Hillary for four years and come back in 2020.

In a speech at a Federalist Society luncheon Friday, he told the audience, “This is not my party,” according to PJ Media, a conservative news website.

Will, who worked on President Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign, also said at the luncheon that Trump as president with “no opposition” from a Republican-led Congress would be worse than Clinton as president with a Republican-led Congress.

When asked by PJ Media about his message to conservatives regarding Trump, Will responded, “Make sure he loses. Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House.”

In usual Trumpian fashion, The Donald responded via Twitter:

George Will: Gays are “sore winners” for wanting marriage equality AND no discrimination

On FOX News Sunday, George Will joined Chris Wallace to talk about Arizona’s recent anti-gay bill and Gov. Brewer’s subsequent veto.

While pointing out that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 said that businesses had to serve everyone equally, Will added:

“…This too must be said: It’s a funny kind of sore winner in the gay rights movement that would say, ‘A photographer doesn’t want to photograph my wedding — I’ve got lots of other photographers I could go to, but I’m going to use the hammer of government to force them to do this.’… It’s not neighborly and it’s not nice. The gay rights movement is winning. They should be, as I say, not sore winners.”

To be honest, I’m not completely sure what he means by this. On a surface level, it would seem Will thinks “you’re winning the right to marriage equality, don’t push it any further. Stop asking for non-discrimination too.  It’s ‘not neighborly.'”

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George Will: “The opposition to gay marriage is dying”

More and more polls continue to show the “one way trend” of public support for same-sex marriage.  As I’ve written here many times, the younger folks see the inequality of banning marriage equality.
Public Policy Polling
found majorities in Oregon (54%) and New Jersey (53%) and near majority
in Illinois (47%) support extending marriage to same-sex couples. In
Illinois, 58% of people under 45 years old say yes to gay weddings. 
Meanwhile, Politico found 40% of Americans support letting gays and lesbians marry. Again – young people are leading the way.

From today’s Politico survey: “A full 63 percent of
18-to-29-year-olds backed marriage…It dropped off to 36 percent support among both
30-to-44-year-olds and 45-to-59-year-olds. Only three in 10 seniors supported gay marriage.”

Asked about such numbers and the Supreme Court’s decision to hear two
cases on marriage equality, journalist George Will broke it down like
this: all the seniors brought up pre-gay rights are kicking the bucket.

“There is something like an emerging consensus,” he said on ABC News’ This Week. “Quite literally, the opposition to gay marriage is dying. It’s old people.”