Michael Henry On Gay Couples Who Look Alike

Michael Fariss plays twin roles in Michael Henry's new short film 'Twin F**ks'
Michael Fariss plays twin roles in Michael Henry's new short film 'Twin F**ks'
Michael Fariss (screen captures via YouTube)

Have you ever noticed some gay couples look like they are dating twin versions of themselves?

Some folks might use the term ‘doppelbangers’ but funny man Michael Henry has his own term for the scenario.

In his new short film, Henry is out walking in the park with Frank (Michael Fariss) who shares the news that he’s seeing someone new who is nothing like his usual boyfriends.

Declaring he’s totally over the “generic WeHo type,” Frank describes his new boo Hank as “rough around the edges,” “exotic,” and having “extra ‘cushion for the pushin.’”

But when Hank arrives, Henry can’t hide his reaction: ‘Y’all are twin f**ks! Clone twins! Doppelgängers!”

Funny man Michael Henry
Michael Henry (screen capture)

However, the new beaus completely disagree. Hank points out that Frank wears glasses, and Frank points to Hank’s scruff as another defining difference.

Henry’s take is that gays who dates guys who look like themselves are narcissists who just want to have sex with themselves.

Again, Hank & Frank contend they are ‘different.’

“Hank is fat,” whispers Frank. “He’s 185 and I’m 182.”

“And I wear hats,” Hank points out.

Cue the Elaine Stritch quote…

It is true that some gays are attracted to guys who might have similar tastes in clothes or grooming. But sometimes, current fads and fashions could play a part in the ‘twin’ equation, no?

What do you think, readers? Is it narcissistic to date someone who might look similar to yourself? Or is it just coincidence when a gay couple seems like twins?

Let me know in the comments section.

Funny: How Different Couples Cope With Quarantine Sex Lives

L-R Kevin McDonald, Michael Henry, Gina Brown, Shiah Luna

Funny wise guy Michael Henry offers this take on how differently queer couples might cope with their quarantine sex lives.

Taking a walk through the gayborhood with boyfriend Steve (played by woofy Kevin McDonald), the duo encounter oh-so-in-love lesbian couple Gina Brown and Shiah Luna.

The properly ‘social-distanced’ conversation quickly reveals differences in the way the couples are handling sexual tensions.

While the boys are “hanging in there eating a lot of jelly beans and pizza” and catching up on their binge-watching, it seems the girls don’t watch TV choosing instead to “connect with each other one on one” and baking bread.

Henry shifts directly to sex complaining that his boo won’t bonk him: “We’ve been together for five years, living together for three and all I get is one handjob a week.”

“What day?”


Shiah and Gina, however, announce they have sex three times a day, taking turns focusing on each other.

As the ladies share their homebound bliss, Henry complains that even with an open relationship he doesn’t get to see what Steve does on Chat Roulette.

“I. Need. Privacy!” says Steve.


Truly a tale of two divergent sex lives during isolation.

By the way, in case you notice the physical proximity of the women, Henry shares as an FYI:

“Gina and Shiah are actual lovers that live together, which why they’re physically close together. Kevin and I are not lovers and don’t live together which is why we kept our distance. Xoxo. Thank you for watching and I hope you’re able to have a laugh! Please stay safe and sound friends!”

Funny: Michael Henry Asks “Are You A Gentleman?”

Funnyman Michael Henry explores gender norms - "Who is the gentleman?" - in this short video featuring Mike Millan

Funnyman Michael Henry explores gender norms - "Who is the gentleman?" - in this short video featuring Mike Millan

In his latest YouTube video, Michael Henry has a new beau, Wayne.

But it appears there’s already trouble in paradise.

As the couple takes a stroll, Henry insists that Wayne (played by Mike Millan) walk on the sidewalk closer to the street. Why? Because, as Henry sees it, Wayne is “the gentleman” of the couple.

Now, this is a common trope we hear in the gay world – “which one of you is the man in the relationship?”

Sometimes the pressures of mirroring heterosexual norms can interrupt the dynamics of gay dating when couples pause to think some of these things through.

But our intrepid Mr. Henry is here to put a lighthearted spin on the issue.

Hit the play button below.

Univision To Premiere Its First Series To Feature Gay Couple As Lead Characters

Univision announces the premiere of “El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca” (The Heart Is Never Wrong), the first Spanish-language U.S. broadcast television series featuring a same-sex couple as the leading characters.

Univision announces the premiere of “El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca” (The Heart Is Never Wrong), the first Spanish-language U.S. broadcast television series featuring a same-sex couple as the leading characters.

The coming of age series is a spinoff of Juan Osorio’s popular telenovela “Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia” (My Husband Has More Family) and follows the fan-favorite love story of Aristoteles and Cuauhtémoc (Temo), better known as their couple name “Aristemo.” 

Loyal fans flooded social media in support of the spinoff, with the #Aristemo trending worldwide on Twitter and Instagram. 
Many viewers express that the young couple has inspired them to embrace their identity with a sense of confidence, happiness, and encouragement.

In “El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca,” the storyline centers around the young couple as they move to Mexico City to attend college. 

Aristótles, played byEmilio Osorio, is ready to begin his music career and his communication studies, while balancing his influencer status and his personal relationship. 
Temo, played by Joaquin Bondoni, wants to be a politician despite the prejudice that he might encounter. 
Their love will be put to the test as they create new friendships and overcome the challenges of being gay in Mexican society.

Praised for their positive LGBTQ+ portrayal, the duo has received a GLAAD Media award and an E! Online’s “TV’s Top Couple” award.

The new series will premiere on Tuesday, August 13, at 9 p.m. ET/PT 8 p.m. CT.

Walmart Features Gay Couple On A Blind Date “Love Is In The Aisle”

Pat and Andy go shopping on a blind date

Walmart has a new video up on Facebook featuring two gay men on a blind date at the mega-store.

Titled, “Love is in the Aisle,” the short clip is one in a series by the retailer touting all the fun things to explore at Walmart.

Pat and Andy definitely have their own favorite items at the store.

Andy loves oatmeal cakes (Pat’s never had one), and Pat insists that a gay man can’t live without a cast iron skillet.

Ok, he’s pretty much on point there.

There’s also Andy’s skepticism that shampoo/conditioner/body washes actually have all those ingredients in there. “How do we know?”

Of course, haters gonna hate…

The anti-LGBTQ organization, One Million Moms, are horrified. They dispatched an email to their followers complaining about “the video ad normalizing the LGBT lifestyle” and urging them write to Walmart asking them to remove the video.

Tim Wildmon, president of the virulently anti-LGBTQ American Family Association, urged his fellow-haters to sign a petition about the spot. “I honestly never thought Walmart would join the cultural revolution and reject the beliefs of its customer base,” wrote Wildmon in an email blast.


Check out the cute vid below to see if the blind date is a ‘love connection.’

(h/t JoeMyGod)

Funny Truth: Weird Things Gay Couples Do – Public Vs. Private

Public – salad dressing on the side. Private – pepperoni pizza

Buzzfeed’s waaaay cute gay couple is back with their latest installment of “Weird Things Gay Couples Do.”

This time – what they do in public versus the private. As the clip description reads: “A gentleman in the streets who at home hogs the sheets.”

Hubby Michael and I are guilty of several of these LOL

Public: complicated cocktail. Private: Bottled beer versus canned

Commercials: Lynx Ad Features Gay Couple

Down under, the Axe line of personal products is marketed as Lynx. And the cool Aussie folks in charge of Lynx recently released this new commercial which features a gay couple kissing.

“Now can be amazing. Go out. See amazing things. Get an amazing job. Kiss the hottest girl. Or the hottest boy,” he says.