Shopper Goes Cray-Cray Over Face Mask Rule “False Flag Fake Pandemic”

A shopper in Florida went totally cray-cray when he tried to enter a Publix grocery store located in Miami Beach but refused to wear a face mask due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

His profanity-laced rant was captured by a code enforcement officer’s body cam.

“This is a false flag fake pandemic,” the man screams at the enforcement officer. “You are in violation of my f**king constitutional rights and my civil rights. I’ve already f**king warned you. F**king expect it. I’m filing a f**king class-action lawsuit. You can take your fake f**king global terroristic false flag attack and shove it up your motherf**king ass. You’re terrorists. You’re in violation of my constitutional and civil rights. Fuck you, motherf**ker. There’s no pandemic. I’m filing a f**king lawsuit. I have a right to buy groceries without being forced to participate in your f**king terrorism. F**k you.”

“Excuse me – you need to wear a mask,” asked the officer as the man turned to go. “Do you understand that – to come in the store?”

“You’re violating my constitutional rights,” shrieks the man.

“Well, this is private property,” replied the officer.

The idiot continued his conspiracy theory screed: “This private property has food. I have a right to buy food without being forced to participate in a fake global false flag pandemic. There’s no pandemic. F–k you. You motherf–kers are going to get f–kin’ mass arrested and f–kin’ executed for f–kin’ terrorism. F–k you!”

The local CBS affiliate spoke to Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber about people not following safety guidelines.

“I get that people are getting antsy, frustrated. I’m sure there is economic burden also that is feeding that kind of frustration,” said Gelber. “But you should never just scream, curse.”

“They’re only trying to keep communities safer by let people know what’s in their best interest to keep their families safer,” he said. “We shouldn’t be screaming, we should be thanking them, complying with these very clear regulations because they’re intended to save lives.”

VICE: Conspiracy Hoaxers Say Every Mass Shooting Was A “False Flag,” Victims Never Existed

A “false flag” hoaxer tells the pastor of a Texas church his daughter’s death is a “hoax”

This is truly hideous.

On November 5, 2017, Devin Patrick Kelley killed 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

These two “false flag” hoaxers claim that it never happened. They say all mass gun massacres are fake, made-up events featuring “crisis actors” with the goal being to demonize and eventually take away folks’ guns.

During the segment from VICE, the insane hoaxers confront Sutherland Springs Baptist Church Pastor Frank Pomeroy, who lost his own 14-year-old daughter in that deadly shooting

The two hoaxers, who go by the handles “Side Thorn” and “Conspiracy Granny,” inform Pastor Pomeroy that not only is he lying, they claim his daughter never existed.

Welcome to Trump’s ‘Merica.

Watch the report below.