Modern Family Stars Crash Frat House Party

On Conan last night, Jesse Tyler Ferguson recounts the tale of visiting Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas – his co-star Eric Stonestreet’s alma mater.

After a night of exploring the campus, Stonestreet suggests dropping by his former frat house. In doing so, the guys discover the fraternity had just held a party that basically trashed the place.

So, being who they are, they explore the trashed house and take pics along the way, including in Stonestreet’s old bedroom where a frat brother is in the middle of “entertaining” a lady friend.

What next? PICTURES!

“Don’t Google Eric Stonestreet Nude”

During a visit to Conan O’Brien last night, Eric Stonestreet of the hit show “Modern Family” teaches a very valuable lesson all celebs should heed: Do not Google your name with the word “Nude” in the search.

After revealing the above Google result, Stonestreet shared a few more “internet finds” with Conan.

Photoshop is sometimes not your friend…