SF Couple Exchange Wedding Vows With Friends, Face Masks & Social Distancing

L-R Kyle Hill and César Salza (image via Instagram)

Even the coronavirus can’t stop love 🙂

The Bay Area Reporter shares that, just as cities and states began to follow shelter-at-home orders in March, César Salza and Kyle Hill found they had to rethink the wedding ceremony of their dreams they’d hoped to host in San Francisco.

Having already obtained their marriage license (which the city has now stopped issuing due to the epidemic), the couple arranged to be married on April 18 in a friend’s backyard complete with face masks and social distancing among 8 friends.

“We had planned on something in June but we realized quickly with COVID-19 that it wouldn’t be possible,” Hill told the Reporter.

“The pandemic couldn’t stop us,” Salza wrote on Instagram. “Don’t worry we practiced social distancing with the rest of witnesses.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

(h/t Instinct)

Glenn Beck Calls Measles Outbreak A Hoax

Pat Gray (L) and Glenn Beck (R)

As I understand it, there have been 646 reported cases of measles recently. Measles is quite the deadly disease when left untreated.

You’ll remember the GOP was all up in arms last fall when we had 4 people diagnosed and 1 death from Ebola.

It was ALLLL Obama’s fault! Why wasn’t he doing anything???


And yet, here we have a preventable situation affecting hundreds of children, and fringe lunatics are calling the measles outbreak a “hoax” and “false flag” territory.

From Right Wing Watch:

Beck and co-host Pat Gray then went on to assert that even though immigrants from the Philippines are responsible for the measles outbreak, the media won’t report that because their intention is “to make the case that you’ve got to obey the government” and get vaccinated.

“Do everything you can just to obey the government.”