Former Reality TV Host Prez Picks Current TV Host As Top Financial Advisor

President Donald Trump will name Larry Kudlow, CNBC TV host, as the next head of the White House National Economic Council, two sources familiar with the decision according to CNN.

Trump apparently offered Kudlow the job Tuesday night during a phone call and he accepted.

Kudlow will be Trump’s second top economic adviser after Gary Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs executive who held the position for a year, resigned earlier this month over disagreements regarding the President’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

Folks were quick to point out some choice facts about Kudlow:

Donald Trump’s “Economic Plan” Does Nothing For Middle Class America

Donald Trump made a big deal about unveiling his “economic plan” for America, hoping for a kind of campaign reset as he plummets in the polls.

The problem is, though, none of what he is proposing is visionary or innovative.

We learned “trickle down” economics don’t work. Giving big tax cuts to the wealthy with the hopes that the rich will “reinvest” those gains into new employees or higher wages is a fallacy. Doesn’t happen.

And eliminating the estate tax does nothing to encourage the economy to grow. It’s just a big giveaway to folks like Trump’s kids.

Once again Trump is attempting to do a little flim-flam action saying “look what I’ll do,” when in reality none of this will actually “do” anything.