White House Staffers May Quit Over Rudy Giuliani Media Circus

Axios reports there is unrest in the White House as the Rudy Giuliani media circus continues to unravel.

If you were gobsmacked watching Rudy Giuliani’s media tour this week — which he launched on Fox News’ Hannity by announcing that Trump reimbursed lawyer Michael Cohen for a hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels — you weren’t alone.

What we’re hearing: A White House official told me there were “a couple of Mooch references” in the West Wing last week, as Giuliani’s performance recalled Anthony Scaramucci’s frenzied 11-day stint last summer as White House communications director.

If the Giuliani circus continues unabated — with him taking media calls day and night and freelancing on legal and policy matters — White House staff will likely quit, a well-placed source tells me.

And John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight offered this summation of Rudy’s first two weeks as Donald Trump’s new legal eagle.

Is Rudy Giuliani Trying To Get Donald Trump Impeached?

I’m a bit slow this morning as I sit down at my desk and the Twitterverse is going gaga over Donald Trump’s new lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, having a disastrous appearance on ABC News’ This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

I’ve been a bit burned out on the constant dumpster fire that is the Trump administration, so I scrolled past several of these posts and tweets.

Finally, there are so many I decide to take a look. How bad could it have been?

Umm, really bad.

Giuliani swung from trying to deny the Donald ever met porn star Stormy Daniels (Stephanopoulos puts a pic of the two onscreen) to dismissing his own statements to other media outlets as “rumors” to admitting he didn’t know if it was ok to lie to the press.

At one point, Stephanopoulos asked if Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen had made payments to other women on behalf of the president? Giuliani’s response: “I have no knowledge of that, but I would think if it was necessary, yes.”

The former mayor of New York City also suggested that Trump may invoke the 5th Amendment.


Check out this tiny excerpt:

And here’s the full segment:

Rudy Giuliani: Stormy Daniels $130K Hush Money Was To Protect Trump Family

Donald Trump’s newly-installed lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is in serious spin mode as he attempts to walk back his comments that the Trumpster knew about the $130K “hush money” to porn star Stormy Daniels and has since repaid the funds to longtime “fixer” Michael Cohen.

Giuliani issued an official statement today “intended to clarify the views I expressed over the past few days.”

First: There is no campaign violation. The payment was made to resolve a personal and false allegation in order to protect the President’s family. It would have been done in any event, whether he was a candidate or not.

Second: My references to timing were not describing my understanding of the President’s knowledge, but instead, my understanding of these matters.

Third: It is undisputed that the President’s dismissal of former Director Comey – an inferior executive officer – was clearly within his Article II power. Recent revelations about former Director Comey further confirm the wisdom of the President’s decision, which was plainly in the best interests of our nation.

This comes on the heels of Trump throwing Giuliani under the bus this morning saying the former NYC mayor “had just started, and he wasn’t totally familiar with everything.”