Music Video: Tom Goss Explores Domestic Violence In ‘La Bufadora’

Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in “La Bufadora”

Out singer/songwriter Tom Goss’s new video, “La Bufadora,” features Goss and actor Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls, Looking), as a couple in crisis in Mexico.

La Bufadora is a blowhole just south of Ensenada, Mexico.

Goss shares that the song was written “after a tension-filled weekend in Mexico with my husband.”

“I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between La Bufadora (exploding in the middle of the serene ocean) and our emotions (constantly bubbling and ready to explode, just under the surface),” says Goss.

In the video, Goss and Franzese are vacationing in Mexico, but tensions build to physical conflict.

“As humans, we can be so volatile or wounded at the drop of a hat,” Goss told HuffPost. “Sometimes it is a choice we make, sometimes it is the deep-seated triggers that live within our bodies and minds. Just like La Bufadora, we ebb and flow, rest and explode.”

HuffPost notes that recent research by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control found that 26% of gay men and 37% of bisexual men have experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

For lesbian and bisexual women, those rates are 43.8% and 61%, respectively.

Proceeds from the video will be donated to help support The National Domestic Violence Hotline and the LA LGBT Center’s Intimate Partner / Domestic Violence Outreach.

Nine Days After Rob Porter Debacle Trump Says “I Am Totally Opposed To Domestic Violence”

Donald Trump finally addresses the issue of domestic violence

Nine days after the Rob Porter/White House domestic abuse debacle, Donald Trump finally told the world he opposes domestic violence.

The only comment he made regarding the scandal was to defend the domestic abuser the day after the news broke.

“I am totally opposed to domestic violence and everybody here knows that. I am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. Everyone knows that. And it almost wouldn’t even have to be said. So, now you hear it, but you all know.”

Watch the statment below.

Johnny Manziel Indicted On Assault Charges

While the NFL still can’t fathom the ‘distraction’ of an openly gay football player, yet another straight player is in trouble with the law for domestic violence.

CNN just broke the story that 2012 Heisman Trophy winner, Johnny Manziel, has been indicted on an assault charge, according to Dallas County court records.

Manziel’s ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, has accused the former NFL quarterback of restraining, hitting and threatening her during an alleged assault on January 30.

Crowley says in a sworn statement that Manziel grabbed her by the hair and hit her, causing her to lose her hearing in one ear.

NFL Addresses Domestic Violence In Chilling Super Bowl PSA

Whoa. Powerful.

The NFL and the No More campaign (which works to combat domestic violence and sexual assault) teamed up for this PSA to run during the Super Bowl.

The premise comes from a story shared on Reddit last year by a former police dispatcher who once took a call from a domestic abuse victim who pretended to order a pizza in order to get police to her home without tipping off her abuser.


Rihanna will NOT perform on tonight’s Thursday Night Football pre-game show

Recording star Rihanna was supposed to perform at tonight’s Thursday Night Football broadcast, but the network thought twice about that one and changed course.

Apparently, CBS Sports started to reshape the pre-game show after video of former NFL-er Ray Rice punching out his (then) fiancé in an elevator came to light.

From The Celebrity Cafe:

The network had planned to open the broadcast with a comedy sketch and Rihanna’s performance of “Run This Town,” along with a Don Cheadle narration.

Now, though, that has all been scrapped. Instead, a new report from CBS This Morning’s Norah O’Donnell will air. O’Donnell got the scoop on Tuesday as the first reporter to speak with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after the tape’s release.

“It’s important to realize we are not overreacting to this story but it is as big a story as has faced the NFL,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus told SI. “We thought journalistically and from a tone standpoint, we needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage. A lot of the production elements we wanted in the show are being eliminated because of time or tone.”

Coincidentally, the first TNF game will feature Rice’s former team, the Baltimore Ravens, who will play division rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Earlier Thursday, Goodell announced that he has picked former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III to lead an independent investigation into the league’s handling of the Rice case. However, the investigation will still be overseen by two NFL owners.

Rihanna was a victim of domestic violence herself, famously abused by Chris Brown in 2009. Brown is still on probation.

Seth Rogen blasts Ray Rice and NFL on domestic violence

Actor Seth Rogen isn’t shy when it comes to his feelings on controversial NFL star Ray Rice.

From ET:

After video surfaced Monday on TMZ of the alleged moment Rice punched his then-fiancée (now wife) Janay Palmer in the face, knocking her to the floor of an elevator and rendering her unconscious, the This Is The End star blasted Rice on Twitter.

New Hampshire Republican jokes about domestic violence

New Hampshire Republican state Rep. Kyle Tasker thinks domestic violence is funny.  So much so that he took to Facebook to joke about it.

Tasker was attempting to stand up for Republican Mark Warden, who last year said that some people “like being in abusive relationships.” ”It’s a love-hate relationship,” Warden concluded.

Taking things into his own hands, Tasker posted the image below which depicts two people, drawn as stick figures, apparently having oral sex, and captioned, “50,000 battered women and I still eat mine plain.”

Tasker later removed the post but was screen captured by Huffington Post.

Remember, the GOP thinks it has no problem with women voters.  Between the coarse humor being posted by an elected official and the message behind the post, does this go too far? 

Talking about domestic violence on The Candi & Randy Show

Listen to internet radio with CandiXRandy on BlogTalkRadio

Join Candi and Randy today along with special guest, retired police officer John Bell, as they speak on domestic violence.

Domestic abuse is defined as behaviors use by one person in a relationship to control another. Candi recently experienced this violence first hand with someone renting a room in her home, and decided that it would be valuable to have a professional’s insight into how people can avoid violent situations and what can be done after.

A few statistics about domestic violence:

Number of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq: 6,614; Number of women, in the same period, killed as the result of domestic violence in the US: 11,766

Number of people per minute who experience domestic violence in the U.S.: 24

Number of women in the U.S. who report domestic violence: 1 in 4

Number of men in the U.S. who report domestic violence: 1 in 7

Number of women who will experience domestic violence worldwide: 1 in 3

Patrick Stewart addresses violence against women in powerful, personal response at Comicpalooza

And in diametric opposition to Mr. Erick Erickson (in my previous post) comes Patrick Stewart who speaks powerfully about how women are treated and how men hold in their hands the ability to stop most domestic violence against women.

Stewart has spoken publicly about the abuse he and his mother suffered at the hands of his father before.

The woman in the video above who asks the question about violence against women had this to say:

This was my question to Sir Patrick Stewart at Comicpalooza 2013. I wanted to thank Patrick Stewart for his speech at Amnesty International it personally help me put a name to the abuse, sexual abuse in my case, I had experienced in the past. He responded very passionately and the last thing I thought I would get at was a heartfelt hug.

When he embraced me he told me “You never have to go through that again, you’re safe now”. I just kept thanking him.

I hope everyone who needs help in abusive or violent situations has the courage to do so. There are people willing and ready to help you.

You can also learn more about Amnesty International’s campaign against domestic violence here.

(via Upworthy)