Roy Moore’s Jewish Attorney Is Longtime Friend/Supporter Of Opponent Doug Jones

Republican Roy Moore (L) and Democrat Doug Jones (R)

Well, this is just delicious!

Last month, on the eve of the Alabama election to replace the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, Republican candidate Roy Moore watched his wife tell a crowd that rumors of the Moores being anti-Semitic were untrue because “One of our attorneys is a Jew!”

That lawyer, Richard Jaffe, was hired to defend the Moore’s son against drug charges in 2016.

It turns out Jaffe is a longtime friend and supporter of the Democrat in that race, Doug Jones.

As we all know now, Jones won that election.

From The Washington Examiner:

Jaffe told the Washington Examiner he has been close personal friends with Doug Jones for more than 30 years and he both contributed to, and raised money for, his campaign.

“There could not be a more passionate supporter of Doug than me!” Jaffe said.

The Birmingham-based lawyer walked alongside Jones as he took center stage to deliver his acceptance speech and plans to be in the Senate gallery on Wednesday as Jones is sworn in.

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