News Round-Up: November 25, 2020

Davis Mallory releases his latest single ‘Faith’

Some news items you might have missed:

Gay Star News: A transgender woman is suing the Georgia Department of Corrections for failing to protect her from sexual assault after being assaulted 14 times in prison.

Vanity Fair: The outgoing first daughter appears to be in extremely frantic damage control mode, attempting to prove, via tweets, that the Trump administration isn’t the worst collection of people in modern presidential history.

Out Music: MTV’s Real World alum Davis Mallory (above) and American Idol’s Madeline Finn score with their uplifting new single “Faith.”

As the bells are ringing, choirs of angels singing
It is the end of days – Baby don’t let it shake your faith

Pink News: A court in Hungary has requested a constitutional review of a chilling law that ended legal gender recognition for trans people, effectively erasing trans, non-binary and intersex folk from existence.

Reuters: Mexico’s president is still so afraid of Donald Trump he won’t congratulate President-elect Joe Biden on his win.

Wyoming Tribune: Wyoming’s anti-mask Republican Gov. Mark Gordon has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Podcast: Davis Mallory’s ‘Lost’ Is A Real Find, Cynthia Nixon’s Gubernatorial Race Comes To An End, Emmy Awards For LGBTs

In this week’s podcast:

• While ‘Sex and the City’ star Cynthia Nixon fell short in her bid to become the Democratic nominee for governor in New York state, she did change the election’s trajectory.

• A Pennsylvania university will not let a gay man take his last two classes for his degree.

• A new study shows same-sex couples are getting married at an older age than heterosexuals.

• RuPaul and the Fab Five celebrated at this year’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

• And singer/songwriter Davis Mallory’s new progressive house track, “Lost,” is a real find.

All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report.

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Out Music: Davis Mallory “Lost”

Nashville singer-songwriter Davis Mallory partners with Peruvian DJ Aaron Marz on a new progressive house track, “Lost,” which shares an uplifting message about feeling lost in life with the realization that you are actually not.
Davis Mallory (photo: Avery Cefre)

Nashville singer-songwriter Davis Mallory partners with Peruvian DJ Aaron Marz on a new progressive house track, “Lost,” which shares an uplifting message about feeling lost in life with the realization that you are actually not.

“I wrote ‘Lost’ about my own journey through life, often times not seeing the bigger picture around me, but trusting that God has a watch on me,” says Davis. “It’s also an encouragement for people everyday to make the best decisions they can.”

Deep down you know you have a purpose here so shine your light
And don’t let the things you did define the things you do tonight
You’ve traveled all these miles so don’t give up and don’t back down
You’re own your way you might not know it now, but you’re not lost

You don’t have to look far to divine Davis’ personal connection to these lyrics.

Having handled the pressures of the public spotlight since 2006 when he became a fan favorite on MTV’s The Real World: Denver, he recently penned a powerful personal essay for Billboard celebrating a year and a half of sobriety.

After hitting his own “rock bottom” in February 2017, Davis shares that he was inspired to stay sober, in part, by Demi Lovato’s public sobriety. And her recent overdose reminded him of the challenges of living in a world where “you are ‘cool’ if you are drunk and on drugs.”

From Billboard:

We have pioneered the “love is love” movement, but the next movement I’d like to see a shift towards is creating a healthy world for us to live our true best lives.

Imagine a counter-culture that celebrates sobriety as being cool and champions the aftereffects this does to one’s life: a healthy glow, making wiser choices, quality sleep, participating in loving, non-toxic relationships with other people, accomplishing your goals, and actually living your life to the fullest — this should be taught to our LGBTQ+ youth and all society.

Influential people have the responsibility to lead by example and it is my hope that being vocal about my sobriety empowers others to do the same.

Those lyrics for “Lost” take on a much deeper meaning in that context, now, don’t they? I highly encourage you to read the full essay.

“Lost” premiered on the popular music site YourEMD, with writer Petey Mac praising Davis’ new musical offering:

“‘Lost’ is an anthem reminiscent of what you may hear in an Axwell or Ingrosso set, something that would rock the main stage at festivals like Ultra and Tomorrowland. It’s fueled with an encouraging message that can’t help but fill you with hope and reassurance about life your purpose. It’s a message that will translate to any soul all across the world, and so beautifully done by both Aaron Marz and Davis Mallory.”

I’ve previously covered Davis on The Randy Report here, here and here.

Take listen below, and find more about the dashing Davis Mallory at

Out Music: Davis Mallory “Sun & Moon (Pride Edition)”

Davis Mallory “Sun & Moon”

Out musician Davis Mallory, who initially found reality TV fame on MTV’s The Real World: Denver and then The Challenge, drops his latest single, “Sun & Moon.”

Decked out in a sexy pink tux for the music video, Davis’s vocals are smooth and sure on the retro pop/funk track that sounds rather Prince/George Michael inspired. The lyrics focus on the end of a relationship based on a real-life moment for Davis.

My walls fall down when you’re around
The sun and moon move, baby,
It all falls down when you’re around
And if they all fall down will you stick around
I put them oh so high I’m so good at that
That whenever you move, baby,
My walls fall down whenever you’re around

Check out the new bop below. You can find more info about Davis at

Out Music: Davis Mallory “Loud”

Davis Mallory, of MTV’s The Real World fame, drops the title track to his EP Loud.

With a slight bit of fetish (men in cat masks on leashes) the sexy dance tune feels like a summer song. Fun, upbeat and easy to listen to.

Davis says the song was inspired about a crush he had. “It’s a bit outside of the norm of what I usually write and sing about,” he admits. “It was inspired by a guy, another singer-songwriter, who I had a major crush on. At the time, I couldn’t figure out how he felt about me.”

I’ve previously written about Davis here.

New Music: Davis Mallory “Anyone Would Know”

Former The Real World:Denver star and Davis Mallory drops this sweet pop song just in time for Valentine’s Day – “Anyone Would Know.”

The openly gay singer/actor wrote “Anyone Would Know” with collaborators Ben Goldsmith & Tori Tullier) as a tune to celebrate Love Equality.

Every look
Every smile
Every inch
Every mile
Feeling that never gone non-stop feeling
Twenty four seven three sixty five

You can’t, can’t deny
When it’s true you can’t hide it
When we’re together or alone
Anyone would know

Mallory and his collaborators have had earlier viral success with the song “Beautiful Girls (Diem Brown’s Song)” in late 2014 when fellow MTV personality Diem Brown passed away due to ovarian cancer.