First New Music From Culture Club In Nearly 20 Years – “Let Somebody Love You”

Culture Club

Grammy Award-winning Culture Club has dropped its first new single in nearly 20 years in advance of a new album, Life, due for release October 26. Boy George announced the news via Facebook this morning.

The new track, “Let Somebody Love You,” written by singer Boy George, guitarist Roy Hay, bassist Mikey Craig and drummer Jon Moss, has been popular at the band’s recent live concerts. This is the first time its available as a studio track. The song continues the band’s tradition of embracing a classic reggae-infused sound.

“Love is revolution / War and famine too / If you’ve the hunger in your heart / Let somebody love you”

The last single released by the band was all the way back in 1999 with “Cold Shoulder.”

Boy George

Culture Club had planned to release new music in 2015, but the album was eventually shelved with no explanation.

Known for huge hits in the 1980s like “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” and “Karma Chameleon,” Culture Club has racked up sales of over 150 million albums worldwide despite having released only 5 albums.

The band’s frontman, Boy George, gained worldwide attention for his asexual/androgynous appearance coupled with his gift with a quick quip. In addition to a successful solo career, George has also released successful albums as a DJ.

Listen to the new single, “Let Somebody Love You,” below.

Culture Club Cancels UK & North American Tours Due To Boy George’s “Serious” Vocal Issues

Boy George announced via Facebook that he is “devastated” over the news that “serious” vocal problems dictate that Culture Club’s UK & North American tours must be cancelled, at least for now.

After months of issues with his voice – which he had assumed were related to fatigue – George discovered that he has developed a polyp on one of his chords which had hemorrhaged. When this happens, one chord is larger than the other and they vibrate at different speeds which can create a callous.

Clearly, this isn’t healthy.  Boy George went on to write:

‘I never thought to check my throat because I have spent a lifetime just getting on with it,’ George writes. ‘I have been advised by doctors that to continue singing with this polyp would further damage my voice and could cause irreparable damage. ‘It’s a risk I cannot take.’

‘I feel gutted to be letting people down. Such support makes my decision so much harder. To say I am devastated barely touches how I feel.’

In the mid 90s I actually went through the exact same issue while performing on Broadway in HELLO, DOLLY! The good news is the condition is treatable, and with the proper treatment and vocal therapy can be good as new in a few months.

Thinking best thoughts to Boy George.