Doctor Dies Of COVID Just Weeks After Calling Vaccines ‘Totally Unnecessary’

Dr. Stephen Karanja

Dr. Stephen Karanja
Dr. Stephen Karanja (image via Update of Nepal Banda)

A doctor in Kenya who virulently opposed the use of COVID-19 vaccines has died from the virus just weeks after calling the shots “totally unnecessary.”

From the BBC:

Dr Stephen Karanja, chairman of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, advocated steam inhalation and hydroxychloroquine tablets.

Health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) rejected his claims.

“[The vaccine] being distributed in Kenya, has been reviewed and found safe not only by the WHO rigorous process but also by several stringent regulatory authorities,” the WHO said in March.

In a letter dated 3 March Dr Karanja said that “there are drugs that have been repurposed and used effectively to treat Covid-19,” adding that “we also know that vaccination for this disease is totally unnecessary making the motivation suspect.”

I don’t celebrate the death of any man, but this is would seem to be yet another lesson to those who continue to fall for or espouse anti-vaccine propaganda.


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Pat Robertson: Gays Will ‘Die Out Because They Don’t Reproduce’

A viewer asks televangelist nut-job Pat Robertson whether she should stay in a church whose members weren’t allowed to date.

Robertson responds saying she should leave since that church is going to die out, just like those queers.

“You know, those who are homosexual will die out because they don’t reproduce. You know, you have to have heterosexual sex to reproduce. Same thing with that church: it’s doomed, it’s going to die out because it’s the most nonsensical thing I’ve heard in a long time.”

It’s laughable that Robertson doesn’t make note of the fact that the world isn’t full of gay folks because WE reproduce. Luckily, we all have our heterosexual parents to thank for being here.

That being said, tons of LGBT folks like my husband and I will keep on
trying to “conceive.” You know the old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed….”

Right wing fanatic Janet Porter calls Disney’s Gay Days “public displays of perversion”

Anti-gay activist Janet Porter

Right Wing Watch points up this charming radio bulletin from anti-gay activist Janet Porter that “the homosexual agenda is planning to once again descend on Disney World in Orlando, Florida to expose your children to far more than Mickey Mouse and Space Mountain.”

Porter warns listeners that “cross-dressing men will be among those parading public displays of perversion.”

In case you’ve never had the chance to experience Gay Days at Disney, allow me to set the story straight, if you will: Gay Days at Disney are no more “perverse” than any other day at a Disney theme park. I’ve been many times and it’s merely a day to underline the inclusiveness of the parks to gay and lesbian families. These families are interested in enjoying the Disney experience – not turning the day into some drag show.

It’s insulting that Porter, who I’m pretty sure has never attended a Disney “Gay Day,” would spout off about things she knows nothing about.

But then, that’s par for the course coming from her edge of the loony spectrum.

Listen to the icky message to her followers below.  

For more info about Gay Days, head over to the official website.