#CostcoTison Wins The Day After Rude Customer Booted From Store

CostCo manager Tison and Mr. 3K

The latest video to go viral on Twitter involves a CostCo store manager who politely stopped a shopper in his Colorado-based store who wasn’t wearing a face mask.

For health reasons involving the current COVID-19 health crisis that has killed over 90,000 Americans to date, the store posted its requirement for all shoppers to wear a mask weeks ago.

Tison let the gentleman know he needed to wear a face mask – like all the other shoppers in the store – or he’d need to leave.

The shopper began recording the encounter and proudly announced his bigly 3K following on Instagram. Mr. 3K informed the store manager he didn’t have to wear a mask because “he woke up in a free country.”

Tison politely looked in the camera and restated the policy. When Mr. 3K refused to wear the mask, Tison took the man’s shopping cart and departed saying, “Have a great day.”

“So you’re gonna take this cart from me full of stuff?” the shopper asked, to which Tison replied, “You are no longer welcome here in our warehouse. You need to leave, thank you very much.”

“He’s gonna take the cart away because he’s a pu**y little bitch,” said Mr. 3K as Tison walked away. “There he goes walking away with all my stuff, there he goes because I’m not a f**king sheep.”

Note – the goods weren’t Mr. 3K’s yet as he hadn’t paid, but I digress.

Mr. 3K apparently posted the video (thinking he was victorious) on Reddit, but soon deleted the clip as he was being ridiculed across the interwebs.

But, as they say, the internet is forever… Here is Mr. 3K and our hero, Tison via Twitter.

For the record – what I see here is a responsible front line supermarket employee doing his job and enforcing company policy, he did not deserve the abuse.

“People of Twitter thank you for all of the support,” @Thoff821 tweeted. “I was just trying to protect our employees and our members #Tison.”

Mr. 3K came back to announce, “I got every f—ing right to not wear a mask,” he said. “This isn’t about wearing a mask, it’s about control. I’m not the f—ing sheep … I was one of the only people in that store not wearing a mask.”

Dude, you pay ‘membership’ to belong to CostCo and the rules state membership may be terminated at any time. Plus, policies and practices may be amended from time to time.

And, saving the best for last:

News Round-up: October 25, 2014

Prince Harry mentors kids at rugby camp

Some stories you may have missed:

Hunky Prince Harry looks hot even when mentoring kids at rugby.

“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” cancelled cause Mama Boo Boo is allegedly dating a convicted child molester.

Guess which new TV series is already the first to be cancelled this season?

Costco’s over 127,000 employees will definitely have Thanksgiving Day off to spend with their families. This is how to run a successful company, kids.

North Carolina legislators consider legalizing “license to discriminate” for marriage officiants who don’t want to perform same-sex marriages.

New book – Streisand: In The Camera Eye – features a collection of 170 photos spanning over 50 years of Barbra Streisand’s career, most of which have never been published.

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek on paying a living wage

 “I just think people need to make a living wage with health benefits.  It also puts more money back into the economy and creates a healthier country. It’s really that simple.”

Costco pays it’s workers far more than most of their competitors, offers employees opportunities for promotion and enjoys markedly lower worker turnover and far higher sales per employee than their low-road counterparts. Sales per employee at Costco are nearly double that at Sam’s Club.

Recent quarterly reports show Costco saw an 8% increase in year-on-year
sales while WalMart saw an anemic 1.2%.  You do the math… 

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Costco pays their employees a livable wage and gets sales per employee at double what Walmart subsidiary Sam’s Club gets from their employees who work for lousy pay.

Maybe the time has come for Wal-Mart to take a lesson from Costco and consider the potential upside of treating employees like human beings.

(via Forbes)

Joan Rivers removed from Costco after protesting

Comedian Joan Rivers has never had a problem expressing her opinions, however controversial they may be, and the TV personality made it known Tuesday that Costco was her latest target.

Police were called to a Costco store in a Los Angeles suburb after Joan Rivers handcuffed herself to a shopping cart to protest the store, which is not selling her latest book.

The 79-year-old “Fashion Police” host was being filmed by a camera crew Tuesday as she complained that the store in Burbank, Calif., had refused to carry her book, “I Hate Everything… Starting With Me.” No criminal action [was taken]. Sources say she had an entourage with her, including a camera crew and it appeared to be a staged event.

Rivers’ book “I Hate Everything … Starting With Me,” was released in June and contains expletives and racy language.

“My book has been banned from Costco,” Rivers told KABC Television, via phone. “On the back I have two [fake] quotes, one from Marie Antoinette, ‘Let her eat (expletive),’ and the other from Wilt Chamberlain, ‘Even If I were alive, I wouldn’t (expletive) her.’ Costco, who sells condoms by the pallet, Paula Deen books, not good for health … decided to ban my book.”