Your brain on marijuana – in two minutes

From ASAPScience – Your brain on marijuana broken down for you in two minutes.

I love these videos. I’m a curious guy and wonder how things work.

I’m not a marijuana guy, but I don’t have a problem with other folks enjoying it. However, it’s cool to understand exactly what is happening when smoking pot. And interesting to know that the chemicals involved are similar to ones already at work in our brains.

Anyway – interesting stuff in two minutes for this short attention span guy…

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New: Needle-less injections soon a reality

An MIT lab has come up with a painless, controlled way of shooting medicine through the skin without using needles.

The jet injector device uses a small, powerful magnet and electric current to inject drugs at nearly the speed of sound. Changes in the electric current allow the injector to work in two phases — a high-speed phase to enter the skin and reach a certain depth, and a lower-pressure phase to deliver the drug in a slow stream that allows for absorption.
“If you are afraid of needles and have to frequently self-inject, compliance can be an issue,” said Catherine Hogan, a research scientist in MIT’s department of mechanical engineering. “We think this kind of technology … gets around some of the phobias that people may have about needles.”

The jet injector delivers its drugs through an opening as wide as a mosquito’s proboscis.