Soldiers Dancing Cheek To Cheek Captures Internet’s Imagination

(image via Reddit)

They say a picture paints a thousand words.

A vintage photo recently posted in several social media circles (I found it on Reddit) appears to show two young military servicemen dancing shirtless cheek to cheek.

One soldier facing the camera has his eyes closed with a blissful smile as he holds his bare chest against his friend.

It’s not clear if the duo is just messing around, or having a moment.

One commenter wrote, “They were probably goofing around but some of them probably secretly enjoyed it.”

Another seemed to agree with that assessment: “No women to dance with so they were just bros being bros.”

One aspect of the pic was undeniable though as one Redditor wrote, “I love how happy they look together.”

“I find it sad how today this is seen as homosexual behavior, but back then this was simply nonsexual and non-romantic fondness shared between two guys,” said another. “I want straight guys to not be stigmatized for sharing affection.”

And this Redditor summed up the feelings of many: “Everybody just wants some warmth in dark times. This is an awesome photo.”

I thought it was a touching way to begin the week.

Does anyone know the story behind the mystery photo? No one seems to know the true origin of the pic, although a poster on Imgur suggested it was from Sweden in 1955. But it’s set hearts aflutter in imagining the scenario.

Let me know in the comment section.

Spectacular photo from 2014 Air Force Academy graduation ceremony

While President Obama spoke at the West Point ceremony today, across the country in Denver Vice President Joe Biden addressed the graduating Air Force Academy class; “You are Falcons and you carry America on your back,” he said. “And America will have your back forever.”

Biden also joked (of course he did): “I hereby absolve all cadets who are on restriction for minor disciplinary violations.”

(via the Washington Post)

Betty Buckley window shopping in NYC

Betty Buckley is one of the most fab people I know (how cool that I even get to say that???).

Betty is in NYC for the new world premiere of the Horton Foote play, The Old Friends.

Directed by Michael Wilson, the play will star Betty, Hallie Foote (the late playwright’s daughter and a renowned interpreter of his work), and Lois Smith. It begins performances Aug. 20 at the Signature Theatre’s Pershing Square Signature Center, with official opening set for Sept. 12.

However, Betty loves taking pictures and she recently posted great photos on her Instagram account of the gorgeous window at Bergdorf Goodman. What I love is that Betty captures not only the window design itself, but in the reflection you can see her taking the picture in the middle of all the gorgeosity (I may have made that word up, but it seems appropriate).

Don’t miss the premiere of Horton Foote’s play – here’s ticket (and more) info.

And if you’re in NYC, just note that that person taking pictures next to you on the street just might be a certain Tony Award winner… 🙂

Follow Betty on Instagram here.

NYC: Super-cool collection of LP cover images

Check out these photomontage images by photographer Bob Egan – a sea of nostalgia. 

The photographer is inspired by all kinds of historical pop culture events and, referring to himself as a “pop culture/rock and roll detective,” Egan tracks down locations across mainly New York City to visually recreate various moments. 

Specifically in this series, the photographer is influenced by original vinyl covers of popular musicians. Based on a ton of research and investigation, he identifies where an album cover photo was taken, visits the location, and then uses Photoshop to merge the old cover images with new snapshots of each place.

Click here for more iconic album covers in their natural environments.