Instagram: Celebs With the Highest Average Number Of “Like” Per Post

Former UK pro footballer David Beckham

Instagram is easily the most popular social media platform currently in the game.

Back in December of 2016, Instagram crossed the mind-blowing threshold of 600 million users. Of those, around 55% are age 18-29.

And we know how young folks love to follow the escapades of famous athletes, musicians, and reality TV stars.

A study conducted by Project Know looked into how celebrity Instagram posts affect their young followers, and in doing so, found some astounding numbers.

Surprisingly, the data showed that the most-followed users aren’t always the one getting the most engagement on their posts.

Check the stats below which show that Selena Gomez, the most-followed person on Instagram with an eye-popping 115 million followers, doesn’t average nearly the most “Likes” per post.

Instead, one of the world’s most famous soccer players gets that honor.

Here are the 15 artists, entertainers, and athletes with the highest number of likes on average.

You’ll see the expected Kardashians and former boy banders, but it’s male athletes who get the most pop per Instagram post:

15. David Beckham (former UK pro footballer) — followers: 34.7 million – 515,405 likes on average

14. Kim Kardashian (reality TV celeb) — followers: 96.5 million – 535,693 likes on average

13. Kendall Jenner — (reality TV celeb) followers: 77.5 million – 538,945 likes on average

12. Demi Lovato — (recording artist) followers: 55.5 million – 593,296 likes on average

11. Beyoncé — (actress/recording artist) followers: 98.3 million – 672,358 likes on average

10. Kylie Jenner — (reality TV celeb) followers: 90.4 million – 706,261 likes on average

9. Ariana Grande — (recording artist) followers: 101 million – 708,019 likes on average

8. Emma Watson — (actress) followers: 27.7 million – 845,961 likes on average

7. Niall Horan — (former One Direction boy bander) followers: 19.1 million – 868,029 likes on average

6. Harry Styles — (One Direction boy bander) followers: 19.8 million – 870,954 likes on average

5. Louis Tomlinson — (One Direction boy bander) followers: 12.7 million – 1,047,075 likes on average

4. Taylor Swift — (recording artist) followers: 99.7 million – 1,059,970 likes on average

3. Selena Gomez – (actress/recording artist) followers: 115 million – 1,065,909 likes on average

2. Cristiano Ronaldo — (Portuguese professional footballer) followers: 95.8 million – 1,126,447 likes on average

1. Leo Messi (Argentine pro footballer) followers: 67.4 million – 1,145,563 likes on average

Argentine pro footballer Leo Messi

(h/t Business Insider)