News Round-Up: June 24, 2021

Bruno the wonder dog

Bruno the wonder dog

Some news items you might have missed:

TBT: As I get to spend more afternoons at the cement pond these days, I do miss my bestie Bruno (above) who always made the sunshine that much brighter. Not sad – happy he happened 🙂

The Hill: A new study shows 52% percent of LGBTQ adults say that someone had threatened them with violence since they were age 18. Sixty-seven percent of LBQ cisgender women, 75 percent of GBQ cis men and 70 percent of transgender people said they had been bullied often or sometimes before age 18.

Pink News: The crowd erupted into cheers at Wednesday evening’s football match between Hungary and Germany when a supporter ran out onto the pitch with a Pride flag as the Hungarian national anthem played.

USA Today: Missouri is becoming a cautionary COVID tale for the rest of the country: It is seeing an alarming rise in cases because of a combination of the fast-spreading delta variant and stubborn resistance among many people to getting vaccinated. Intensive care beds are filling up with surprisingly young, unvaccinated patients.

CNN: In the new book, Frankly We Did Win This Election, Michael Bender of the Wall Street Journal reports that Donald Trump would highlight videos that showed law enforcement getting physical with protesters and say, “That’s how you’re supposed to handle these people. Crack their skulls!” Trump also told his team that he wanted the military to go in and “beat the f–k out” of the civil rights protesters.

ABC News: President Biden and a bipartisan group of senators on Thursday announced they had reached a framework $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal after a White House meeting. Biden emphasized that it all comes “without raising a cent from earners below $400,000.”

Happy 15th Birthday, Bruno The Wonder Dog!

Bruno the wonder dog

Today, June 16th, is Bruno’s 15th birthday.

Bruno, in many ways, is a lot of who I want to be: confident, smart and good-looking.

I took the footage from the below video in the first few days he came into my life. I made the video shortly thereafter. On top of his confidence and intelligence, he shows me so much love every day, it’s sometimes hard to believe. I think he’s a better living being than I.

In June 2006, he sustained a crippling back injury that left him paralyzed. Michael and I rushed him to a vet who far too quickly suggested we do the unthinkable – I can’t even write the words. I snatched him from the vet and ran him to the only animal surgical center in all of Nevada.

Bruno was in surgery within two hours of his accident. Shortly after his surgery, he couldn’t feel his back paws. It was possible he might never walk again. Michael and I steeled ourselves to the reality that we would all face a future of Bruno with “wheels” for his back legs. But fortunately, the next morning feeling slowly came back to his back legs.

Over the next many weeks, I lived 24 hours a day with Bruno in our bedroom. He had to be kept quiet to heal, and he’d only be quiet if I sat with him. So – I barely left the bedroom. And when I did, it was for only minutes.

Slowly, we introduced him to physical therapy in our bathtub to get him using his legs again. It was slow going. Slow. And a few months later he needed a second back surgery. But it was all worth it. Many times over.

Today, Bruno has about 70% use of his legs again. He walks ok; tile floors are not his friend. And he kind of gallops more than runs.

But I love him more than I can express. In many ways, I feel he’s my best friend.

He’s handsome, confident, and he loves me.

And he’s the daddy to our three fourteen year old “puppies,” Tyler, Bandit and Bear.

Every morning begins with Bruno in my lap as I check email, begin work on this blog, and start to face the day. Every night ends with me reminding him he’s a super dog.

Below are some of my favorite photos of Bruno: as a puppy, with Michael, and a snapshot of every morning with Bruno at my desk.

Happy birthday, Bruno.


First day I met Bruno


Puppy Bruno


Favorite pic of Michael with Bruno – NYC dog headed to the dog park


I always think of this as Bruno’s “headshot” – he was about 3 here.


I can’t believe I’m posting this, but every day starts like this.
Always first in my lap, always sleeping on my left arm.

Bed Cartography

JoeMyGod posted this today.  How many of us can relate?

Actually, Michael is very good about his side of the bed.  Bruno the wonder dog, however, has no sense of boundaries.  Where he is, is his.  Good thing he’s a wonder dog…