Bill Maher: I’ll Bet 100 Rubles Trump Is Out By Christmas

Last night on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Boris Epshteyn, former Special Assistant to President Trump, joined Bill to discuss President Trump’s political future.

I’ll say this about Donald Trump-ally Epshteyn: he can at least sit calmly with a civil smile on his face and lie about Donald Trump without being a petulant child like Kellyanne Conway.

A lot of people have a trigger that enables interviewers to knock Trumpets off their talking points. But Boris, to his credit, stays cool here.

He’s only repeating talking points, but he does stay cool.

Epshteyn has a new gig at the right-wing Sinclair Broadcast Group, which he promises with produce content that will be “right down the middle” of the political spectrum.

Right. Just like Fox News.

During the segment, Bill asked Epshteyn how long Trump would be in the White House. “I think he can be president for eight years,” Epshteyn said. “Sorry to disappoint you folks.”

“Why don’t we have a gentlemen’s bet, a 100 rubles?” Maher proposed. “Gentlemen’s bet: He is out by Christmas.”