Therapist Matthew Dempsey Takes A Shirtless Hike To Chat On Body Issues

Matthew Dempsey (screen capture)

LA-based psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey‘s has made a name for himself on YouTube with his thoughtful insights on issues like racism, aging, masculinity, depression, and other topics of interest to gay men.

In the handsome therapist’s latest video, he uses his own smoking hot body as a visual aid to address the issue of body positivity and feeling comfortable in our own skin

Now, before we go any further, Dempsey admits in a note published with the video that he expects some “eye rolls” and “rejection” over revealing his flat abs and sculpted chest in an interview about “loving yourself at any size.”

“I understand how ridiculous that message can be coming from me,” says Dempsey. “Genetics has given me an unearned advantage in life and it’s easier for me to love my body when the world around me tells me it’s looking just fine.”

Matt says the interview and photo shoot by Jerrad Matthew isn’t “a ploy to nab some extra attention” but a vehicle to share his own concerns about showing his body out of fear that folks would not take him seriously.

“I’ve been afraid to show any of my body for fear that others could feel worse about theirs or even more that you would all think I’m a fraud and not care about me or what I have to say anymore,” says Dempsey. “I can sometimes get stuck in trying to predict what others want from me and not disappoint and my social media presence has been no exception.”

“So, here’s to a little bit of ego, a lot of surrender, and a whole lot of beauty in a shoot created by my friend Jerrad Matthew.”

Perusing comments on several LGBT websites, it appears the video might have backfired to some degree as some have chimed in with those predicted “eye rolls.” A few detractors say taking off your shirt when you’re handsome and ripped isn’t really much of an exercise in “feeling comfortable in your own skin.”

I think Dempsey looks mighty fine shirtless or otherwise. But what do you think, readers?

Does Dempsey’s lesson in challenging body issues land? Watch below.

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