Ben & Jerry’s renames flavor to support marriage equality

With the debate for marriage equality taking place in England’s Parliament this month, Ben & Jerry’s UK arm has renamed their Apple Pie “flavor” as “Apple-y Ever After.”

It echoes their celebration of Vermont’s passage of gay marriage in 2009 with the “rebranding” of Chubby Hubby as “Hubby Hubby.”

The ice cream maker is also teaming up with Stonewall to launch a new Facebook app today that asks users to ‘marry’ each other online.

‘Proposing’ through Ben and Jerry’s, users can voice their support for marriage equality and add their name to a letter to prime minister David Cameron backing the move.

Laura Doughty, Stonewall’s Deputy CEO says “We’re truly moved by Ben and Jerry’s support for same-sex marriage in Britain.

“All people want is to call their long-term relationship by the same name as everyone else. Our strong advice to those who disapprove of same-sex marriage is just not to get married to someone of the same sex.”