Cheri Oteri’s ‘Barbara Walters’ Leaves Anderson Cooper In Tears

SNL alum Cheri Oteri as ‘Barbrsa Walters’ on NYE

While it was fun to see SNL alum Cheri Oteri revive to her ‘Barbara Walters’ persona for New Year’s Eve, it was even more hysterical watching Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper laugh uncontrollably during the clip.

Hillary Clinton surprises Barbara Walters on her final show

What a great way to start the surprises on THE VIEW today as Hillary Clinton joined the ladies to honor Barbara Walters on her last day as a regular co-host on the show.

Hillary is the only person to have made Barbara’s “Most Fascinating” list four times, and twice she was listed as the #1 “most fascinating.”

Barbara jokingly invited Hillary to replace her on THE VIEW, but then followed up with one more question – “are you running?”  Hillary did answer in the affirmative, saying she’s “running around the park.”

Another cute moment occurred when Hillary’s impending grandchild came up.  Barbara asked “What do you want to be called?”  Sherri Shepard adds, “Nana?  President Clinton?”  Hillary was clearly avoiding all talk of presidential runs on this day.

Hillary also answered questions about her new book Hard Choices, which focuses primarily on her time as Secretary of State.

Fun segment.