The Beatles Catalog Now Available On Streaming Music Services

I’m always fascinated by the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. From vinyl to CDs to digital download to streaming, how we get our music AND how artists get paid for that music continues to change almost every day it seems.

Streaming music services are the latest method for music fans to digest digitally, and today, for the first time the entire catalog of The Beatles will join nine major streaming services including Apple Music, Amazon Prime and Spotify.

For some time now, many artists have complained about the low royalties afforded musicians via streaming services. So much so that folks, like Taylor Swift and Adele, have held back on sharing their music on those services.

Industry execs are hoping The Beatles move helps “validate” the streaming services to some degree. I have to admit I’m using my Amazon Prime streaming music (which seems to have just about every song under the sun) a lot more lately.