News Round-Up: April 14, 2017

Some news items you may have missed:

• Woofy Instastud Alex Abramov (above)  is ready for the weekend #TGIF

• “Kill The Gays” Pastor Kevin Swanson ripped the new live-action box office bonanza that is Beauty and the Beast on his radio show recently. Swanson went on a tear ranting that not only is there a gay character, but the flick promotes “inter-species breeding.”  #SRSLY

• Fox News is so excited about the “Mother of All Bombs” dropping on ISIS, they turned it into a music video. I kid you not…

• There are whispers that SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy might be considering retirement soon. That would shift the Supreme Court to a solid 5 conservative judges, and open the door to bad things for LGBTs.

• Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed Assembly Bill 99 into law this week, extending protections to LGBTQ youth in child welfare and juvenile detention facilities. AB 99 requires foster parents to be trained on working with LGBTQ youth, and requires state and local agencies and facilities to treat a child in accordance with their gender identity.

• Beach weather is coming, which means it’s time to pull it up, kids. For your viewing pleasure, here are some tips for bumping up the booty, courtesy of trainer Mike Espinosa: