Lance Bass On Being ‘The Shy One’ + More News

Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin
R-L Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin (photo: Lori Dorman)

Some news items you might have missed:

TODAY Parents: Former boy-bander Lance Bass recently shared that at the beginning of his NSYNC career, he created a persona as “the shy one” in the band to hide his closeted personal life. “During big interviews, I wouldn’t speak…I became the quiet one. That’s the personality that I created so that I wasn’t expected to talk much.” Continue reading “Lance Bass On Being ‘The Shy One’ + More News”

News Round-Up: June 5, 2019

Some news items you might have missed:

• Instagram: Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy and company share: “Tired, sore and sunburnt… Welcome to Whine Country!” Team Worthy reached the mid-point of this year’s AIDS/LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. #AllForAGoodCause

NBC News: A Texas school board unanimously voted to fire a teacher who tried to report undocumented students in her school district to President Donald Trump through a series of public tweets — that she thought were private messages to the president.

NY Times: The leader of La Luz del Mundo, a church headquartered in Mexico that claims to have more than one million followers worldwide, was charged Tuesday in Los Angeles with more than a dozen sex crimes, including allegations that he forced children to have sex and made them pose naked for photos.

The Guardian: The White House paid nearly $1 million to rent four limos during Donald Trump’s two-day trip to Ireland. Four limos, two days. Seriously.

The Sun: Pop star George Michael left nothing in his will to his past lovers, Kenny Goss and Fadi Fawaz. His estate’s estimated worth is $98 million.

Gay Star News: Sir Ian McKellen has launched a new program, Pride In Ageing, that will work to end the inequalities faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people over 50 in Greater Manchester and ensure that they have access to inclusive housing and care later in life.

• Netflix, which has nearly doubled the number of LGBTQ characters in their shows and movies over the last 12 months, has launched a collection of queer stories on the streaming service.

The streaming giant also launched a brand new Instagram page @Prism today, to spotlight queer stories, characters and talent.

Gus Kenworthy Gives You Cut Abs & Bountiful Booty, So Donate To His AIDS/LifeCycle Campaign Already

Gus Kenworthy (via Instagram)

Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy is taking part in the AIDS/LifeCycle event, which takes place next month as rider bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles, 545 miles, to raise funds for the fight against HIV/AIDS.

I think Gus has a pretty good idea about what’s going to get his fans going, like these two pics taken in a biking singlet for his Instagram.

Whether you like his handsome face and striking abs, or his bountiful backside, enjoy the pics.

Then, click here and consider donating something – anything – to help.

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