Sen. Ted Cruz still out of touch with America

In the bulk of an interview previewed earlier this week, Sen. Ted Cruz defended himself from the charge that he had caused the shutdown.

When Karl insisted that “there never would have been a shutdown if you hadn’t gone with this strategy of saying, ‘we’re not going to even fund the government for six weeks unless we can defund Obamacare,” Cruz reasoned that “There never would have been a shutdown if Harry Reid and President Obama hadn’t said, ‘We will not compromise. We will not negotiate. Shut the government down.'”

The fact of the matter is never before in the history of the US has a budget negotiation been predicated on repealing existing law.

And further – it bears pointing out that the Affordable Care Act IS the negotiated result. What President Obama and Dems wanted was not what we ended up with. The Repubs in Congress “negotiated” down to this.

AND it is helping millions of people. Lower rates (my own are going down $2,000 a year), plus people with pre-existing conditions can get coverage as well as young Americans up to the age of 26. These are all good things.

It’s as if Ted Cruz just keeps repeating what he wants America to believe, and through repetition – like hypnosis – the country will just believe.

My apologies, but the man seems delusional.

Affordable Care Act bars transgender discrimination

Chris Geidner is reporting at Buzzfeed  The Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed that under the Affordable Healthcare Act, federally funded agencies and providers will be barred from discriminating against transgender patients:

In response to a letter sent by a dozen LGBT health and advocacy organizations to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in June, Leon Rodriguez — the director of HHS’s Office for Civil Rights — wrote on July 12 HHS considers discrimination based on “gender identity or failure to conform to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity” in federal health programs or activities receiving funding under the Affordable Care Act#39;s-covered programs to be illegal.

In the letter, obtained by BuzzFeed, Rodriguez agreed with the groups’ assessment that the prohibition on sex discrimination in Obama’s health care law prohibited discrimination against transgender people and stated that his office would investigate any complaints of such discrimination. Referring to a recent survey, National Center for Transgender Equality executive director Mara Keisling told BuzzFeed that 20 percent of transgender people report being turned away from a health-care provider for being transgender. “That’s illegal now,” she said.

Read the full report here.