Podcast: Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Discrimination In Kansas & Oklahoma; Adam Rippon Slays On DWTS; 2018 Tony Award Nominations; Pride Nights At Major League Baseball

In this week’s LGBTQ headlines:

• Oklahoma and Kansas state legislatures pass anti-LGBTQ adoption laws

• A new survey of over 40,000 Americans shows acceptance for same-sex marriage has hit 61%

• Ireland moves to ban so-called “conversion therapy”

• The ‘boys of summer’ are back and most Major League Baseball teams have scheduled special LGBT Pride Nights (head over to Outsports.com for a complete list of MLB Pride Nights)

• Drag queen Ada Vox exits American Idol with her head held high

• Tony Kushner’s Angels In America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes became the most Tony-nominated play in history as the 2018 Tony Award nominations were announced

• Adam Rippon came to slay on the premiere of the all-athletes season of Dancing with the Stars

All that and more on this episode of The Randy Report

Drag Queen Ada Vox Eliminated From “American Idol,” Jurnee Advances To Top 7

Ada Vox, the drag persona of Adam Sanders, was eliminated on American Idol after singing a strong "Circle of Life" from THE LION KING
Ada Vox, drag persona of Adam Sanders

“Disney Night” on American Idol did not prove to be a magical event for contestant Ada Vox, the drag persona of Adam Sanders, who has been wowing the judges all the way into the talent competition’s Top 10.

Although her rendition of “Circle of Life” from the hit animated musical The Lion King was one of the best performances of the night, she couldn’t garner enough support from the voting public to move on to the top seven.

“How special it is to have you on this show,” said judge Lionel Richie. “You are a movement unto yourself.”

Vox was the first drag queen to ever get this far in the competition.

“Although America might not be ready for people like those of us who are a little bit different,” Vox told HuffPost in advance of Sunday’s show, “I think it’s very important that our talents be recognized.”

In the previous round, Vox was one of the judges’ “saves” from being eliminated. But in Sunday night’s show, the viewers were in charge of the competition and the San Antonio-native apparently didn’t inspire enough votes to advance to the next round.

I’m not an expert on drag but I do think I know talent, which Vox has served up in large portions.

I’m hoping this journey on AI helps propel the queen to a fabulous next chapter.

There is still an out musician in the running to win the AI crown this year.

Jurnee Siani, an 18-year-old from Littleton, Colorado, has been open about her sexuality and her wife military veteran Ashley Weathers, since the beginning of the show.

Her performance of “How Far I’ll Go” From Moana earned her a ticket into the top seven. It’s worth noting that an out singer has never won the talent competition.

Watch Jurnee’s performance below.

Drag Queen Ada Vox Advances To ‘American Idol’ Top 10 After Emotional “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”

Drag queen Ada Vox, also known as Adam Sanders, advanced to the American Idol top 10 when the judges decided she deserved to move ahead in the singing competition.
American Idol contestant Ada Vox heads to the Top 10

There was quite the dramatic moment last night on American Idol as Ada Vox, the drag persona of Adam Sanders, found herself without enough viewer votes to be automatically advanced to the Top 10.

So, the San Antonio native had to sing for her life. The judges were given the power to “save” four contestants from elimination and head into the top 10.

Choosing the apropos “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls, Ada wowed the judges yet again.

As an emotional Vox waited to learn her fate, Katy Perry quieted the crowd and said:

“I don’t know everything. I’ve got a lot to learn. But I have worked my butt off for over 10 years in the spotlight and these gentlemen on my side (pointing to Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan) – all of us collectively together – how many years would that be, maybe 60? Collectively? I think we do know talent when we see it. I would say that we would like to make an executive decision right now that Ada – you get that seat, baby.”

And with that Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan joined Perry in pointing to the area where the Top 10 contestants were sitting.

Later, Vox commented on the video page below expressing her thanks:

Hey, y’all!!! Firsrly, I wanted to start by saying that I love you all!!!
Secondly, I wanted to make note that I am aware of my much less than perfect vocal. Haha not only did my emotions run wild on me, but before the show, I had an allergic reaction to our lunch which made my tongue and throat swell up almost immediately. So that was fun… Lol. Thank you to everyone who did vote!!! If you want to see me continue on, make sure to vote next week! I promise it will be so much better!

America, we have our first American Idol drag contestant – Ms. Ada Vox.

Watch the clip below.

Ada Vox Wows American Idol In “Defying Gravity” Duet W/ GLEE Alum Lea Michele

Ada Vox and Lea Michele sing “Defying Gravity” on American Idol

I’ll admit I can get bored with a TV show after so many seasons. It’s not a negative thing – I just kinda get over the formula that keeps a show going once you get past three or four seasons.

So, after eating up the early years of American Idol, I stopped paying attention because, well, it started to feel very familiar.

But I am loving the new reboot of AI on ABC if only for the terrific journey of drag queen Ada Vox, the performance persona of Adam Sanders.

Not only is Ada living in the moment, she is bringing you voice. Real voice.

I’ve enjoyed her performances (shared here and here) and last night she brought it again in a duet with GLEE alum Lea Michele.

Check that note at the 1:11 mark 🙂

Michele and the judges were having Vox as well:

Michele: “This talent is out of control. Can you handle this? Getting to sing with someone of this vocal caliber was a real honor. It was so fun to get to sing together.”

Lionel Richie: “A star is born. No kidding. There’s no denying your presence, there’s no denying your voice. You are a statement.”

Katy Perry: “Your sound transcends words.”

Luke Bryan: “You figure out a way to bring the house down all the time.”

Watch the duo make magic below.

American Idol’s Ada Vox Is “Feeling Good” After Last Night’s Scorching Performance

While there was a huge amount of attention being paid to former FBI Director James Comey’s interview on ABC last night, it should not be ignored that also on ABC, American Idol contestant Ada Vox delivered a scorching rendition of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.”

Ada Vox is the drag incarnation of Adam Sanders, who had previously auditioned for the reality talent show but been cut in early rounds.

Praising Ada’s performance last night, judge Katy Perry declared, “You’ve heard of the expression ‘wig snatched’? Wig flew!”

Lionel Richie agreed with Perry tweeting later, “You are on another level!”

Folks, come to grips with the reality that a drag queen just might win American Idol — or at least wind up in the Top 2.

Former American Idol contestant Melinda Doolittle (one of the greatest I might add) had more praise:

Ada Vox Slays On American Idol With Radiohead’s “Creep”

Last week I wrote about Ada Vox, the drag persona of Adam Sanders who competed in Season 12 of American Idol but didn’t make the cut.

But as Ada Vox, she is back and tearing it up. A few years older and definitely wiser, she killed last night with her cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.”

It may have been the best performance of the season thus far. Check out how the audience shares the love.

After the performance, Sanders met with the judges without drag garb, saying, “I wanted to face you all as myself without the guard. I wanted you all to see who I truly was.”

Said Lionel Richie to Sanders: “I’m glad you showed up in your true form because I want to tell your true self that the dynamic duo will be going forward.”

I’d be stunned if Ada doesn’t get into the Top 10.

What’s really wonderful are the supportive comments on the YouTube page.

Watch below.

Rejected 5 Years Ago, Drag Queen Wows Judges On “American Idol” Reboot

Ada Vox on American Idol

When Adam Sanders was 19-years-old he made the Top 50 of American Idol in Season 12.

Clearly, Top 50 means he was cut and had to head home.

But Sanders admits he “wasn’t ready.”

“After American Idol I started getting messages on social media every day, people attacked my weight, my sexuality…telling me that I was horrible, that I sucked, that I didn’t deserve to be here, that I shouldn’t be who I am. And I let it get to me in the wrong way. It killed me inside, almost as much as people telling me I should have killed myself.”

“I just kind of disappeared from the world for a while, and in doing that I kind of hurt myself even more. That’s really when I was at my worst, thinking maybe I shouldn’t be here. Maybe I’m not worth the fixing, maybe I’m not worth another try. But through all of the negativity I have managed to build myself up as a new person, as a stronger person. I have recreated myself in ways I could not have imagined.”

Sanders is a bit older and wiser now, and back for a second go-round on American Idol. And this time, he’s Ada Vox – ready to show the world who he is.

There’s a lot of story-telling in the clip below (because that’s what American Idol does…) but get to the where Vox wows the judges with a bit of “House of the Rising Sun.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race might not be the only place a queen can make a name for herself on TV, ok…?

Watch below.