Channing Tatum’s Naked Selfie “I’m Flexing So Hard I Got A Cramp”

Channing Tatum on the red carpet
Channing Tatum's naked selfie
Magic Mike star Channing Tatum (photo: Depositphotos)

Channing Tatum’s naked selfie posted in his Instagram stories totally wins Hump Day.

Tatum snapped the totally Hump Day-worthy pic before heading out to the set of his upcoming film, The Lost City of D, co-starring Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe.

No, we don’t know what the ‘D’ stands for…yet.

The selfie was accompanied with the message, “You know when you in the make-up trailer as*hole naked holding a towel over your junk you about to do some shit on set that you gonna have to prepare ya mama for before she see the movie.”

In a side note, the actor added, “And yes I’m flexing so hard I got a cramp.”

Channing Tatum's naked selfie
Channing Tatum (image via Instagram)

In a May 6 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Tatum admitted the pandemic had led his famously-fit physique astray a bit as he gained what he described as his “college ten.”

“For the first week or two weeks,” he said, “I definitely was just drinking beers and riding dirt bikes and I was like, ‘I can’t do this for two months – this is bad.’”

But then he shook it off and got back to daily training with a buddy sharing, “It was great – I came out a completely new person.”

Not only did Tatum come roaring back physically, but creatively as well.

The 41-year-old recently hit #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list for the children’s book he wrote for his daughter, Evie, titled “The One and Only Sparkella.”

“Say what?!?! #1 on the #NewYorkTimes #Bestseller list!! I’m literally speechless right now!!! Ten year old me would never believe this.”

Here’s his celebratory post about hitting the top of the chart, plus a few more posts from his Instagram proving he knows how to make the ‘magic’ last.

Channing Tatum’s naked selfie makes my Hump Day all the better.

Monday ManCrush: Zac Efron Served Up Serious Abs On Instagram

After taking time off from Instagram for a couple of months, Zac Efron had his followers gagging thanks to a thirst trap he posted over the weekend.

The body-conscious actor is currently in Australia with his brother Dylan  shooting the second season of his Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron.

The show follows Zac traveling around the world exploring healthy sustainable ways to live.

And speaking of healthy and sustainable, the hunky 33-year-old shared pics taken during a workout featuring Bombas socks which donates a pair to charity for every pair purchased. (By the way, Bombas socks are the only socks I wear – they’re awesome).

But, as journalists like to say, it looks like he ‘buried the lede.’

The first photo is nice and all – form, flexibility, yeahyeahyeah… 

But some folks didn’t notice to swipe to the next pic which features Efron’s pretty awesome abs.

(image via Instagram)

A couple of weeks ago, Efron shared a video clip of him getting ‘up close and personal’ swimming with the dolphins. And the Efron bod was truly pumped.

Efron famously beefed up a few years ago for his role in the 2017 big screen version of Baywatch, but later told PEOPLE that in hindsight he felt the amount of working out and nutritional limits to get there were not “a healthy or normal way to live everyday life.” Since that time, he’s brought his fitness goals a little more down to earth.

And speaking of ‘down to earth,’ the film and TV star has also recently posted pics from Oz with an adorable baby kangaroo, driving a huge tractor and taking part in what looks like an Indigenous ceremony.

During his time Down Under, Zac also filmed the survivor thriller Gold in Australia to help him maintain his work visa there from its original 3 month limit to 12 months.

Nick Jonas Actually “Kind Of Dreads” Working Out

Shirtless Nick Jonas shares his tips on bulking up for his new TV role on KINGDOM
Shirtless Nick Jonas gives you abs and more abs

In an new interview for Details Magazine, Nick Jonas explains that although he packed on about 15 pounds of muscle in six weeks for his “Kingdom” role on DirecTV, he really doesn’t like working out.

He kind of dreads it, even.

“I hate going to the gym. I think everybody hates cardio to some degree. I’m not the kind of person who wakes up in the morning and can’t wait to work out. I kind of dread it, actually. I see it as a necessary evil.”

So, I don’t feel like such a slug when I look at Nick bulk and beef up. Even he doesn’t like it.

Read more about Nick’s journey to beefy goodness over at

Plus, the folks at Details decided to share bonus pics of Mr. Jonas here.

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