Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know Where White House Is Located

Apparently (don’t you love sentences that begin with the word “apparently?”), Sarah Palin spoke at the anti-gay “Values Voter Summit” today where she said truth was an endangered species at the White House.

Except, in her smug little way, she thought she’d be cute and use the address of the White House.

You know – the one located at “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue?”

Yeah, I don’t know that one either. I’m guessing she meant “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” – which is where the White House is actually located.

See, when you get too cute, karma has a way of slapping back at you.

 Btw – note the tepid response from the crowd. And these are HER people. I’m guessing the Palin magic faded (a while back).

Watch the snark in the video below:

UPDATE: From the former half-term governor herself…