Tom Goss & The Shirtless Violinist Cover “Perfect”

Singer-songwriter Tom Goss met up with The Shirtless Violinist to record a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

Matthew Olshefski, ‘The Shirtless Violinist,’ shares:

“Tom is an LA-based singer-songwriter who has been making viral music videos for years. He is an extraordinary guy with a mission to create content that uplifts the LGBTQ community, and he uses his voice (and incredibly songwriting abilities) to tell stories that are unique to the Queer community – with a special emphasis on BEARS!

“I had the pleasure of performing a song live onstage with Tom a few weeks ago while he was touring through Seattle (also when we managed to film this video on a rare sunny day in the Emerald City) – and the theater was packed with bears!! It was amazing! I’ve never had so many great hugs in one night.

“As you know, I recently covered this very song on my violin, but I really wanted to work with a singer so we could alter the lyrics ever-so-slightly. I think the twist on the words give this song a brand new feel, and I loved performing it with Tom.”

Really quite lovely. Beautiful musicality and Tom’s voice suits the arrangement perfectly.

The track is available on iTunes. Watch below.