“Steve Jobs” Bombs At The Box Office

“Steve Jobs” Bombs At The Box Office

While I’m still planning to see the film, I can admit I haven’t had time lately as I’m swamped in rehearsals for HELLO, DOLLY! here in Florida.

But I was surprised to read how badly Aaron Sorkin’s new flick Steve Jobs, the biopic about the Apple CEO & iPhone father, did at the box office.

Variety reports:

After racking up the year’s best per-screen average in its opening weekend and doing strong business in limited expansion, “Steve Jobs” hit a stumbling block in its national release. It debuted to a measly $7.3 million, only a little more than the $6.7 million that “Jobs,” a critically derided film about the iPhone father with Ashton Kutcher, made in its initial weekend. Going into the weekend, some tracking suggested that the picture would do as much as $19 million.

“We are going to continue to support the film in the markets where it is showing strength and we’re going to continue to do it aggressively and proactively,” said Nick Carpou, Universal’s domestic distribution chief. “The critics are there for it and the buzz in these markets is strong.”

It’s still hard to see how the film turns a profit. The picture cost $30 million to make and at least as much to market. That means that “Steve Jobs” needs to do at least $120 million in order to break even. Given that the film is dialogue-driven and lacks a major star, its foreign prospects seem bleak. It’s almost entirely a domestic play, and so far it’s only made about $10 million.

Variety goes on to consider the comparisons with Sorkin’s film about the creation of Facebook – The Social Network. Interesting to note that timing is everything as that film was released just as Facebook was becoming a part of everyone’s daily life, where the Steve Jobs story has been picked over for years now since his return to Apple and then subsequent death.

I’m a fan of Sorkin’s writing so I’ll still head out to see it.

Has anyone here seen the film? Thoughts?