Sexy Trans Men Offer Their Own #DontRushChallenge Video

Sexy Trans Men Offer Their Own #DontRushChallenge Video
Paulo Batista @ftmmuscle (screen capture)

If you’ve been clicking through Instagram lately you’ve probably come across the latest social media trend – the #DontRushChallenge video.

It all began with women sharing videos (set to the song “Don’t Rush”) showing themselves sans makeup/glam, then touching the camera lens whereupon they are revealed in full beat.


Now, a group of transgender men are featured in a new compilation assembled by Instagrammer Lucas Elliot. He and the men in the video recently took part in a fashion show for MarcoMarco underwear.

“Got together (digitally) with the FTM boys who walked in NYFW for MarcoMarco and made our version of this silly little Don’t Rush challenge,” wrote Elliot. “I hope you enjoy it as much as we did filming it.”

The video uses the song “Aura” by one of the models, Jamie Wilson, and shows the guys making their own spiffy transformations and then tossing (literally) to the next model.

Guys in order of appearance:

Elliot’s post has been viewed over 12,000 times and when Wilson shared the video it soared to over 163,000 views.

The video is very well done and the guys look terrific 🙂