Wrong Direction?

chart 020510 update

So I got to thinking about those people who say the country is headed in the “wrong direction.”

And then I looked up a few facts – you know, those often inconvenient things…

In the last two years since the end of the last administration, we’ve gone from losing 700,000 jobs a month the first few months after Bush left, to slowly but surely adding private sector jobs.  Check out the shape of the graph below.  Which direction do you think is the right one?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was 6,547 on March 9, 2009 – before any of Obama’s policies could come into effect. It closed today over 12,041.  Again, check out the direction.

On top of all this, corporations are announcing record earnings.  Someone out there is making money, kids.

Though this wasn’t Obama’s economic crisis, it is his economic recovery.

The only thing that HASN’T happened is after the wealthiest top 2% – having had tax cuts for years – are not spending any of that money to create jobs. We kept hearing “lower taxes creates jobs.” Well, the tax cuts implemented in 2001, 2003 and extended in the lame duck session have been in effect for a long time. Where are the jobs?

Or is it possible that the wealthy are taking their tax cuts and just pocketing the money while they squeeze more productivity out of fewer and fewer employees? When are those who are supposed to create jobs going to actually create them?

Trouble right here in Sin City…

A special counsel has been named to investigate Senator John Ensign of Nevada regarding payments made to his former mistress and her husband.

The timing of this preliminary stage doesn’t bode well for Ensign, who has said he plans on running for a third term. With this investigation starting now, it could well be in high gear just in time for election season 2012.

More from CNN here.

Groundhogs Day

It’s been feeling more like the movie “Groundhogs Day” than the actual day this past month.

Egypt continues to be in turmoil, health care reform is still being debated, Mitt Romney is still running for President (for, what, four years now?) and Sarah Palin is still smug and snarky…

The good news is: Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this morning – since the biggest snow storm ever is happening again and again. Here’s to an early Spring, kids.

Zach Wahls – a new American hero

Prepared to be knocked out by Zach Wahls, a 19 year old University of Iowa student.

Zach spoke at the public forum debating the House Joint Resolution 6, which would strip away marriage equality in Iowa. Zach clearly makes his two moms proud. America should be proud to see someone speak so clearly, confidently and securely about who he is, who his family is and what a family really is.

I’m really proud to post this. Remember the name Zach Wahls. We all should.

Now sit back, watch and listen for 3 minutes. THIS is what the future of America can look like. Congratulations to Zach’s moms. Good job.

Time for some handsome…

The Bruno

OK, everyone needs some handsome in their life. Next to my husband Michael, I have Bruno. Bruno is my constant companion and object of great affection. He is perfect and I can’t stand days without him. He’s always by my side at home. When I’m at my desk, he’s at my desk. When I get up to go get coffee – he gets up to go get coffee.

I figured everyone should have a peek at his headshot… enjoy.

Coming out in the 1950s

Via David Mixner:

“Phil Siegel, who was co-communications director at the National Equality March on Washington, was inspired watching the young marchers interacting with some of our pioneers. Upon his return to San Francisco, he organized a group of young people and created the Gay History Video Project. In the videos, the young activist interviewed the pioneers and in the process saved a valuable part of our LGBT history. This is a very exciting project.”

I hope everyone watches and learns how the gay community came to be and evolved to what it is today. Enjoy.

Lesbian students enter to cheers at High School Pep Rally


Two lesbian high school students who fought for the right to walk together as part of a royalty court made their entrances Monday to the cheers of hundreds of classmates.

Sarah Lindstrom and Desiree Shelton wore matching black suits with pink ties and held hands as they entered the Snow Days Pep Fest at Champlin Park High School in Minneapolis’ northwest suburbs.

“It felt amazing,” said Shelton, adding that she was too nervous to notice dozens rise to give her a standing ovation as she walked in with Lindstrom. “I think we were too focused on getting to the stage.”

Champlin Park is part of the Anoka-Hennepin school district, Minnesota’s largest, which has been in the spotlight in the past year for its handling of issues involving gay and lesbian students.

More from AOL News.

Voices raised in Iowa over proposal to take away marriage equality

The Iowa State House was packed by hundreds of people who showed up to express their opinions on House Joint Resolution 6 which proposes an amendment to the Iowa State Constitution to overturn marriage equality in the state. The proposed amendment would specify marriage between one man and one woman as the only legal union that is valid or recognized in the state. Civil unions and domestic partnerships would be banned.

In 2009, a unanimous decision by the Iowa Supreme Court declared Iowa’s laws limiting marriage rights to opposite-sex couples unconstitutional.

Now, almost two years later, legislators are attempting to put marriage equality rights on the ballot. The Resolution passed out of the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 13-8. While it is expected to pass in the House vote, the state Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal has vowed to block any vote on an amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.

To make it to the ballot box, the issue must pass in two consecutive legislatures.

Click here for more from The Iowa Independent.

UPDATE: The Iowa House today, by a vote of 62-37, passed House Joint Resolution 6 that would deny any form of legal recognition for gay couples. The amendment seeks to prohibit not only the freedom to marry for gay couples, but also civil unions or domestic partnerships. More info here at One Iowa.

Pepsi Refresh Project: $325,000 to LGBT ideas/projects


Voting ended yesterday in the Pepsi Refresh Project and from the standings, it looks like LGBT projects will be receiving $325,000 in various communities.

Voting ended yesterday in the Pepsi Refresh Project and from the standings, it looks like LGBT projects will be receiving $325,000 in various communities.

GLSEN (The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) will receive $250,000 for their proposed project to send Safe Space Kits to 10,000 school across the country to help make schools safer for LGBT students.

GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders) will receive $25,000 to help empower LGBT youth so they know their legal rights and resources. The project will work with youth to ensure a safe learning environment in school.

PROMO Fund – grassroots community organization dedicated to improving, encouraging and enabling the healthy development of LGBT youth, adults, and families in the St. Louis area, as well as other parts of the state of Missouri. To receive $25,000 to assist individuals in developing a plan for a healthy lifestyle.

Equality Pennsylvania – only organization in the Commonwealth advocating exclusively for the rights of LGBT Pennsylvanians. To receive $25,000 to provide leadership training to LGBT & allied youth in PA.

Let’s hear it for Pepsi and the Pepsi Refresh Project! And for all of you who voted for these great ideas!