I’ve been picked up by LGBTQnation.com!

LGBTQnation.com is going to pick up some of my opinion writing for their terrific website.  The site is mainly a news site for LGBT news issues, plus some entertainment articles relating to the LGBT community.  My writing will appear on it’s own page under “Views & Voices”!

How cool is that?

I’ve followed it for quite a while myself – it’s a great website for news and support for the LGBT community.  It’s on my blog roll here on The Randy Report – make sure you check out their site too!

Gay couple bashed at Burger King awarded $3.15 Million

A Hudson County jury has awarded a gay Union City couple $3.15 million after the couple were chased and beaten following a dispute over their order at a Union City Burger King.

From NJ.com: “Violence against anybody, including gay people, cannot be condoned. The jury spoke to this issue,” Nutley attorney James F. Fine of the compensatory and punitive award awarded to Peter Casbar, 43, and Noel Robichaux, 46.

“The manager and a group of angry restaurant employees chased the couple and then mercilessly kicked, beat and spat upon the two men while screaming hate-filled anti-gay invectives,” Fine said in a statement.

In emotional testimony during the trial, Casbar and Robichaux testified saying the dispute with the person taking their order in the 2007 incident became heated and other Burger King workers became involved after the couple left the restaurant.

Speaking of the impact of the attack on Casbar and Robichaux, Fine said “It was devastating to them. We assert this was a gay bashing. They thought that they were going to die.”

The couple alleged they were victims of a violent hate crime and brought the suit under New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination.

The jury rendered its verdict at 7 p.m. Wednesday and the award includes $1.7 in punitive damages. The $3.15 million must be paid by Food Service Properties Corp. and Union City Restaurant Corp.

Angel Caraballo and Christopher Soto, two employees of the Union City Burger King, have already pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in connection to the attack.

NASHVILLE: Great music! Leslie Ellis and more!

This is a Benefit for Todd Cerney who is battling Melanoma. In addition to the amazing Leslie Ellis, the show features Thom Shepherd, “Restless Heart”, Steve Holy and Ty Herndon as well as a huge cast of writers and performers…including Todd himself!

Here’s the link to the jamboree! Go! Enjoy!

Red Rooster Bar and Music Hall – Feb 28 – Door open at 6pm.

Red Rooster Bar and Music Hall
Address: 1530 Demonbreun St Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-457-2781
Directions: Exit 40W onto Demonbreun St. and turn left.
About a block down on the right.
Look for the big Red Rooster!

Jay Garner has left the building…

The first Broadway show I appeared in was the 1995 revival of “Hello, Dolly!” with Carol Channing. The leading man of the show, and Carol Channing’s comic foil, was the incomparable Jay Garner. He was funny, warm, funny, talented, and very very funny.

Jay never ceased to make me laugh. To this day I smile and laugh out loud at the memory of him backstage.

Often, during a very quick costume change I had going into “Before The Parade Passes By” he would walk past me, Jon Bantay and Stephen Bourneuf quickly stripping our costumes off to change into our “Parade” costumes. With the driest of readings he would walk past, without stopping, and say “whores.” I laugh as I type this.

He was so dear to all of us, and especially Carol. It’s not an easy thing to hold the stage with Carol Channing. And especially Carol Channing in HELLO, DOLLY! – but Jay did, and with absolute ease, charm and pure Broadway talent.

Jay would laugh and joke with everyone.  Everyone.  And he loved to find a little time to head to a casino and gamble.  And damned if he didn’t win most of the time.

Among other roles, he created the role of the Governor of Texas in THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS, and the politician “Dindon” in the original LA CAGE AUX FOLLES. Additional Broadway roles included “Benjamin Franklin” in the Tony Award-winning 1776 and the role of “Sir John Tremayne” in ME AND MY GIRL. He would later play kindly “Ben”, the gardener, in the first national tour of The Secret Garden in the early 1990s.

I was just watching a rerun of the movie of BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE and was telling Michael how Jay created the role of the Governor. It was only in looking up his many other credits that I just learned Jay left us this past January 21, 2011 at the age of 82.

I will laugh and smile at the memory of his talent and amazing warmth forever.  RIP Jay.

How some conservatives are twisting DOMA announcement

Pretty cut and dried, and simple.

The Obama administration clearly stated that DOMA will not be defended in appeals courts, but it will be enforced. It is still the law of the land.

For anyone confused by what you might hear elsewhere, here’s a clear statement of what is and what isn’t.

And regarding the marriage component, I guess Obama does have some catching up to do if he wants to speak to the issue of marriage in the way that serial adulterer Gingrich does. It’s almost laughable that Gingrich speaks to Obama “swearing on a Bible” when Gingrich swore on a Bible himself a few times. In a church. To his former wives.