New From The Shirtless Violinist “Bring Him Home”

New From The Shirtless Violinist “Bring Him Home”

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon, check out the latest from the “Shirtless Violinist,” Matthew Olshefski.

With a gorgeous take on a classic song from the international musical hit, Les Miserables, Olshefski puts a new spin on “Bring Him Home.”

“Our idea was to expand on the modern-day love story we began to tell last April,” writes Olshefski. “Using a unique framing device, we wanted to show a few of the moments we all experience in relationships. From the first chance encounter, to falling in love, and all the little moments in between.”

Plus, there’s a little surprise in the last seconds of the music video 🙂

Watch below and find more of the “Shirtless Violinist” on YouTube here.