Music: Jeb Havens covers “Fast Car”

Hunky Jeb Havens goes viral with Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" in his "Closet Covers" series

Great cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” by one of my current music obsessions, Jeb Havens.

Jeb sings with a great edge and clarity in his vocals; and he has an honest, open connection to what he’s singing about.

Notice his eye contact with the camera – not afraid to stay connected to his audience.  And his transitions from one lyric to the next make sense as a storyteller.  Very in the moment without being over the top  or heavy-handed.

This video comes from his series of “Closet Covers” shot literally in his closet.  I imagine the clothes help dampen outside noises for recording purposes, but it also seems personal and intimate being in his closet with him.

Oh – and he’s pretty easy on the eyes, too.  I noticed that 🙂

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here and download his music on iTunes here.

Music: Jeb Havens covers “Fast Car”