At a new coffee shop in Seattle, it's not just the coffee that's steaming hot

It’s Not Just The Coffee That’s Hot

At a new coffee shop in Seattle, it's not just the coffee that's steaming hot

At a new coffee shop in Seattle, there’s more than just coffee that’s hot.

The recently opened Dreamboyz Espresso employs shirtless male baristas to serve up coffee drinks with a sense of fun (and maybe some extra foam).

Brandon Peters of Dreamboyz Espresso

The owners of the coffee shop previously operated a LadyBug Bikini Espresso shop in the same location which offered an all-female staff in bikinis to brew the java.

Apparently, the ‘bikini barista’ thing began in the Oregon/Washington state area in the 1990s.

But the LadyBug shop closed within a year due to lack of business, so the owners decided to switch things up from bikinis to ‘bare-istas’ clad in Chippendales-style bow ties and short-shorts.

Ja'Shaun of Dreamboyz Espresso

Now, things are hopping at Dreamboyz as folks are driving from outside Seattle just to order some Joe from a shirtless Joe.

With the slogan “Hot Guys Serving Hot Coffee,” what more could you want for your caffeine fix?

One of the shirtless hunks of Dreamboyz Coffee, Ja’shaun Williams, told local news station KIRO7, “Everyone’s been very appropriate and respectful.”

Brandon Peters told Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, “I worked at a Starbucks a couple of years back, enjoyed being a barista, however it wasn’t enough money, so when I saw this opportunity, I was like, in a way, I get to bring those things together.”

If you can’t make it to the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, check out the Dreamboyz Espresso Instagram below.