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Franco Noriega’s New Music Video “Me Aceleras” Is Muy Caliente

Celebrity chef Franco Noriega debuts his first music video and it's hot, hot, hot
Franco Noriega

Celebrity chef Franco Noriega recently debuted his first music video – “Me Aceleras” (“You Accelerate Me”) and it is hot, hot, hot.

Dancing with some of the uber-beautiful people of Miami, this is definitely a party you want to hit up.

(screen capture from “Me Aceleras”)

Chef-to-pop star may not seem like the most logical of paths but when you’ve got the heat you don’t keep it in the kitchen.

“I believe a lot in the power of visualization. That’s what I do,” Noriega told Paper Magazine in January. “It’s like the Law of Attraction philosophy. You meditate towards [what you want], and it’s incredible, because you really create your own reality.”

And when it comes to music, “I’m super excited for everything about singing, because it’s so new. When something is so new, there’s nothing really that can go wrong. Because you had nothing before this. There’s a beauty in the freedom of the unknown.”

Watch the sexy “Me Aceleras” below.

Grab something cause you’re about to get thirsty.

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