Family Of Officer Beaten At Capitol Riot Files Lawsuit Against Alleged Attackers

A group of cybersleuths called Deep State Dogs is being credited with identifying two Capitol rioters who injured D.C. Metro Police Officer Jeff Smith on January 6. Nine days after the attack, Smith took his own life.

From the Washington Post:

A blow to Officer Jeffrey Smith’s head captured on video shows the 12-year veteran being knocked to the ground, apparently unconscious, according to a lawsuit Smith’s family filed Friday against the alleged attackers. The lawsuit includes a report from a doctor who evaluated the case for Smith’s estate saying a traumatic brain injury led the officer to take his own life.

The family attorney, David Weber, said he turned the names of the potential attackers over to D.C. police.

Weber said the video found by Deep State Dogs for the first time shows how Smith was injured, and he said it is far more severe than the officer had recalled. He said Smith was not struck by a pole, as he thought, but with a much heavier object the lawyer described as either a crowbar or a heavy walking stick.

The 35-year-old police officer shot himself while driving on January 15 – the day after he was ordered back to work by the Police and Fire Clinic.

Three other officers who were violently attacked by Capitol rioters have also taken their own lives amid the aftermath of the invasion.