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Poll: Support For ‘Medicare for All’ Hits 9-Month High

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting not only health care access but costs as well, a new Morning Consult/Politico survey shows support for ‘Medicare for All’ has hit a 9-month high among American voters.

From Morning Consult:

The sweeping health reform package championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) that would provide all Americans with health insurance through the government now has support from 55 percent of registered voters, per a March 27-29 survey of 1,997 respondents, taken as the United States became the global epicenter of the coronavirus.

Thirty-five percent of voters continue to oppose the proposal, putting net support — the share who support minus those who oppose — at 20 points, a 9-point jump from mid-February.

Part of the increase in support came from independent voters who surged to 52 percent in favor of the approach.

As economists predict sky-high unemployment in the coming months due to the coronavirus threat, questions have resurfaced about health insurance that, for many, is tied to employment.

(image via Morning Consult)