Poll: 58% Support Impeachment Inquiry Of Trump

According to a Washington Post-Schar School poll, a solid majority of Americans support the decision by House Democrats to begin an impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump.

The breakdown of the survey shows:

• 58% support the launch of the impeachment inquiry; 38% oppose the inquiry

• 49% of those that support the inquiry also endorse removing Trump from office; 6% of those that support the inquiry are not in favor of removing Trump from office at this time

• 56% disapprove of how House Republicans have handled the impeachment inquiry; 33% approve

• 57% of Independents support the impeachment inquiry, and 49% of those believe Trump should be removed from office

The Post notes that earlier Post-Schar School or Post-ABC News polls indicated the majority of Americans opposed the launch of an impeachment proceeding, with 37 percent to 41 percent saying they favored such a step.