News Round-Up: February 13, 2020

Steve and Tobi (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: We’re just a day before Valentine’s Day when we celebrate all kinds of important relationships in our lives. Woofy Steve_in_LA (above) poses with his “#1” Tobi – now those are some handsome faces, amiright? Follow Steve on Instagram here.

• We Got This Covered: Sony is reportedly interested in developing a live-action Spider-Verse movie that would unite former Spidermen Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. An idea being considered is to portray Garfield’s version of the hero as bisexual and give him a boyfriend in the film.

Queerty: A man says his dead husband’s healthy organs were refused by a hospital’s organ donation program because of his sexual orientation. “Sean did not have HIV, or any other STD’s for that matter. But because he was a gay man living in America in 2020 he was not allowed one of his final wishes of donating his organs to help save another person’s life.”

The Hill: The Pentagon is moving $3.8 billion from various weapons programs such as the F-35 fighter jet to pay for President Trump’s southern border wall, according to a notice sent to Congress on Thursday.

Advocate: A new study shows gay and bisexual men have higher rates of skin cancer compared to heterosexual men.

US News: Donald Trump has proposed a 25 percent cut to the signature military fund designed to offset Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, according to the Defense Department’s budget documents unveiled this week. So, he wants more money for defense EXCEPT when it comes to Russia???

Gay Star News: San Francisco city Supervisor Rafael Mandelman introduced legislation this week that could remove restrictive regulations on bathhouses introduced at the height of the AIDS epidemic. The city’s gay saunas closed when the established new rules in 1984. They insisted owners tore down individual cubicles and video rooms so people couldn’t have unsafe sex in private.

New Music: Check out the latest from popster Anne-Marie – “Birthday” is an empowering pop bop that exudes the artist’s mischievous personality and powerful vocals.

The official video – a modern-day nod to Cinderella – is a playful visual, following Anne-Marie celebrating her birthday like a princess, complete with a lavish, show-stealing ball gown and dancing in a huge, opulent drawing-room. But at the stroke of midnight, she finds herself back in more modest surroundings at home, celebrating with her friends. Fun and upbeat. I like.