Matt Rettenmund's front row ticket to Madonna's Madame X concert

Madonna Premieres ‘Madame X’ Tour In Brooklyn

Madonna premiered her Madame X concert in Brooklyn last night

Madonna premiered her Madame X concert tour last night in Brooklyn, and Boy Culture’s Matt Rettenmund had a front-row seat for the event.

Even posting his report at 2:50 am, Rettenmund’s clever wordplay comes through as he details his adventure at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House.

I won’t include all of his thoughts on the more-intimate-than-usual Madge-fest, but here’s how he sums up the event:

Sometimes, when Madonna does a lot of new material in a show, I can see how it may be offputting to casual fans. I defy anyone with an open mind and open ears to begrudge her the desire to air these new gems. With just enough nods to her past, Madonna is too busy reveling in the present and making plans to go into the future to get mired down by deep cuts and too many of yesteryear’s hits.

There is always next time for a hits tour.

Madame X is one of the biggest gambles Madonna has ever taken as a live performer (oh, I take it all back, what if she sang “Gambler”?), and it’s one that pays off in the form of a show that perfectly showcases her musicality, her curiosity, her understanding of how to hold an audience and her resolve to be an artist who instigates, who “disturbs the peace,” who leads and whose legacy is always whatever comes next.

The Queen of Pop has announced 17 performances at BAM (through October 12) before taking the show on the road.

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