Icelandic Kids TV Show Talks On Being Gay

Long-running Icelandic kids’ TV show, Stundin Okkar, on the air since 1996, featured a non confrontational scene in which former Eurovision singer Páll Óskar is asked that fateful childhood question, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

The scene played out exactly as it should, with simple, honest truth.

“Actually, no I don’t… and I’m never going to have any girlfriends. I don’t get crushes on girls. I get crushes on guys, because I’m gay.”

When asked “When did you know you were attracted to guys and not girls?”, he replies, “When did you know you were attracted to guys and not girls?”

“Some guys like other guys, some guys like girls. Some girls like guys, some girls like other girls. You don’t decide what makes your heart beat, it just beats.

“Think about what it would be like to live in a world where it didn’t matter who you were attracted to! We just need to create that world – that’s our responsibility.”

(h/t Towleroad)