Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Goes Out With A Bang – Or Not?

Outgoing Congresswoman Michele Bachmann found her advice to President Obama at the White House Christmas party on bombing Iran didn’t land exactly how she expected. Via Mediaite:

“I turned to the president and I said, something to the effect of, ‘Mr. President, you need to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities, because if you don’t, Iran will have a nuclear weapon on your watch and the course of world history will change,’” Bachmann said.

“And he got his condescending smile on his face and laughed at me and said, ‘Well Michele, it’s just not that easy.’

And I said to him, ‘No, Mr. President, you’re the president, it will happen on your watch, and you’ll have to answer to the world for this.’

And that was it and then I left. Merry Christmas.”

Watch John King and company discuss on CNN below.